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What Does Your Autumn Baby’s Zodiac Sign Say About Her?

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A quintessential Libra (September 23 to October 22) myself, I feel most in my element when the fall foliage paints the outdoors, the harvest moon hangs low, and that lovely crisp autumn air motivates my midnight write fests.

Babies born in autumn are Virgos (who help the world function with their penchant for order and decorum), Libras (who seek balance and diplomacy with charm), and Scorpios (who confuse and dazzle with their intense concentration and unflappable passion). Below, I’ve provided a rough personality breakdown for each, inspired by my two favorite go-to astrological resources: Sun Signs and Big Bad Ass Book of the Zodiac.

If your baby’s a VIRGO (“The Virgin,” August 23 to September 22):

Positive Traits: gentle and kind, painstakingly honest, extremely clean (appreciates regular baths and elaborate grooming routines), orderly and prepared for anything (they become the adults with immaculate filing cabinets and well-stocked medicine chests), witty and charming but never in an obvious/flashy way

Negative Traits: overly meticulous to a point of obsession (they can drown in minute details), hypochondriac tendencies, generally worrisome (if pressed, they’ll always admit to having something worrisome on their minds)

The Virgoan Look: extremely clear, lovely eyes, straight noses, often tall (even shorter Virgos somehow appear taller than they actually are)

Little Virgos Need: habit-forming routines and schedules, clean and organized environments, not to be pressured to be too affectionate (they’re not comfortable being overly demonstrative), adults they can study and mimic (they learn by watching and become efficient, mini adults tackling many tasks before other children)

During Those First Few Months Expect: fretful indigestion, but lovely, easy bonding (via eye contact and quiet hours together rocking)

If your baby’s a LIBRA (“The Scales,” September 23 to October 22):

Positive Traits: harmony-seeking in all endeavors (from their reputation at school to the colors they wear), speak with diplomacy and tact, intellectually curious about an array of topics, great at keeping secrets, imaginative brainstormers, domestic from the start (they’re extroverted homebodies, so hosting loved ones is preferred)

Negative Traits: can be argumentative (often just to exercise their flair for rhetoric), indecisive to a fault (a simple, “What shirt would you like to wear to the birthday party?” may spark an hour of weighing the pros and cons of his entire closet), will obey only the rules they personally deem as fair, become quite sulky if ignored

The Libran Look: plump, happy babies (often with dimples!), balanced facial features, large eyes

Little Libras Need: to not be rushed (out the door or to make a decision or to finish their meal), monitoring of their sugar intake (they are the zodiac’s sweet tooth), parents/caretakers/teachers to listen to them and their ideas

During Those First Few Months Expect: a moderately good-natured baby, but when he does cry, you won’t know what he wants/needs, but don’t worry — he doesn’t know, either. It’s that indecisive thing rearing its ugly head.

If your baby’s a SCORPIO (“The Scorpion,” October 23 to November 21):

Positive Traits: incredibly passionate and compassionate, dynamic and bold, can concentrate on a fixed task alone for hours and hours, confident but also self-critical (a rare, self-aware combination), born with wisdom and depth and deep-rooted ambition for excellence

Negative Traits: ruthless, secretive and cunning (especially when cornered — you’ll get nowhere by asking, “Did you do this?” in an accusatory tone), prone to mood swings; there’s nothing truly lighthearted or happy-go-lucky with Scorpios

The Scorpion Look: gorgeous, hypnotic eyes (can be green, blue, brown, or black, but they’ll pierce you with their steady, confident gaze), serious expressions (even at a young age), plenty of hair (if not on their heads, on their bodies!)

Little Scorpios Need: a loving, consistent group of family and friends (they’re suspicious of strangers), the resources to intently explore what naturally interests them (think space camp or a summer writing workshop), and to know their private thoughts and things are respected

During Those First Few Months Expect: to live by her whims and woes — the Scorpio babe is in charge. It’s best to surrender to this and go with the flow, until she can talk. Then, get ready to reason with one shrewd little human!

Note: If you’re really interested, you’ll find more accuracy by exploring overlapping qualities, should your child be born on an astrological cusp. If you know the babe’s sex, that can influence nuances within each sign, too. May the stars be ever in your favor!

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