17 Super Cool Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy on Social Media

When I got a job offer in Minnesota, I was like, “Minnesota? Where is that?!?” After consulting my handy dandy road atlas (This was pre-GPS. Give me a break.), I exclaimed, “That state touches Canada! Eesh, that’s far north.” Well, the job was too good to pass up. And even though I only planned to live here for a couple of years to build up my resume, I’ve now lived in Minnesota for 12 years (both of my kids were born here, in fact). I think we’re officially Minnesotans. Needless to say, none of our friends and family followed us up here. So, any of our big life announcements have been made by phone. I would have loved to surprise everyone with a clever Facebook post or a styled Instagram pic, but social media announcements weren’t so big back then. If they would have been, I would have had a hard time narrowing down all the fun, funny, thoughtful ways to tell everyone we were expanding our family.

With more and more jobseekers willing to move for the perfect gig, it’s no wonder that social media shares have become a common way for moms and dads-to-be to surprise their faraway family and friends of a new baby’s impending arrival. Just in time for your pregnancy announcement (or a friend’s), I’ve rounded up fun ways to announce your pregnancy on social media. Get inspired!

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