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Top 10 Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to spread the cheer and ring in the festive spirit than announcing your pregnancy to your loved ones? Hilary Duff recently announced she is expecting her fourth baby with a Christmas card, which is an adorable way to announce your pregnancy if you have older kids.

If you are looking for more cute ways to announce your pregnancy this holiday season, here are some pregnancy announcement ideas that will be perfect for Christmas.

1. Announce with cookies

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Who does not love cookies on Christmas? So, use it to your advantage by turning them into pregnancy announcement cookies. Write ‘I am pregnant’ on chocolate, red velvet, or any other cookie of your choice and surprise your family and friends.

You can even write personalized messages on each cookie, surprising them with phrases like, ‘You are going to be a grandma,’ ‘Coming soon to play soccer with your grandpa,’ or simply, ‘Make way I am coming home.’

Also, you can make baby-shaped or baby clothing-shaped cookies to share the message. And if you are not confident about your baking skills, get these customized from a bakery near you. Everyone will love this Christmas pregnancy announcement idea and enjoy munching on the delicacy throughout the day.

2. Say it with pictures

Instead of simply handing the sonography pictures to your loved ones. Put them in an envelope and place it on their seats, table, or plates with the message, ‘Open me.’ Record their reactions to capture the moment they open the envelope and wrap their heads around the news.

3. Coffee announcement 

It might sound weird, but it’s a great Christmas pregnancy announcement idea. Set up a coffee/tea bar, but instead of placing regular mugs, place magic mugs on the counter. Let your family members make their own cup of tea/coffee. As the cup fills with the hot beverage, your ‘I am expecting’ message will appear on the mug, surprising the family members.

4. Say it with Christmas decoration 

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This year, make your Christmas decoration baby-centric. Have baby-themed decorations around your house and surprise your loved ones when they enter your home. You can either go grand with the decoration with it screaming, ‘I am pregnant,’ or keep the decor simple with baby stockings hanging by the fireplace, baby-related gifts kept near the Christmas tree, etc. You can even hang baby-related ornaments or a letter board with ‘Coming Soon’ and your due date written on it on the tree.

5. Let the older kids do the talking 

This is an excellent Christmas pregnancy announcement idea, as you can involve your older kids in this. Ask your kiddo to wear a t-shirt or sweater with the happy news written on it and let them open the door for others. Your guests will be ecstatic to read the message as soon as they enter the house.

If you are expecting your first baby, you can also try this idea with your pets. However, since they can’t open the door and might wander away to inner sections of the house, keep them engaged and near the doorway so the guests are pleasantly surprised when they enter.

6. Say it with gifts

If you want to keep things simple and sweet, announce your pregnancy with gifts. Make personalized gifts for everyone as per their new role. For instance, get big and small baseball gloves for grandpa, knit yarn for grandma, adult and baby sunglasses for that cool aunt, etc. Your guests will jump with joy with this cute announcement.

7. Announce it with balloons 

Spell out ‘baby on the way’ with some giant balloon letters, place it near the entrance or the Christmas tree, and enjoy their happy reaction. This is a great way to announce your pregnancy for those looking for some subtle yet fun way to share the news. 

8. Write it on napkins

Reveal your new role as a mama by writing it on the napkins. To make the announcement even more exciting, you can mention ‘grandparents-to-be,’ ‘soon-to-be uncle,’ etc. on the napkins. Wait till the guests sit at the dinner table and open their respective napkins to capture their reactions.

9. Elves on the chair

Put those naughty elves to work and let them spill the beans. Grab a chair, decorate it with a baby napkin, and place elves on it. Now place this chair around your table, hinting that a new member will join the family soon. See which member cracks the code first. 

10. Game reveal

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Surprise the family with the news by playing some games with them. Play Scrabble, cards, Pictionary, jigsaw puzzles, charades, scavenger hunts, etc., to reveal your pregnancy without you saying it.

These Christmas pregnancy announcement ideas are the best ways to share the good news with your loved ones. So, which idea will you pick to reveal your big news? Do let us know in the comment section below. 

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