Celebrity Moms Show Off Their Beautiful Baby Bumps

Pick a baby bump, any baby bump! From Academy Award-winning actress Anne Hathaway and selfie queen Katherine Heigl to rockers Gwen Stefani and Kelly Clarkson, there’s no life stage a celebrity goes through that she doesn’t want to photograph and immediately post to Instagram. Honestly, why would celebrities like Jamie King and Naya Rivera not want to show off those gorgeous pregnancy bods?!

The last thing I wanted to do when I was pregnant was take a photo of my newly giant belly. But celebrities are made from a different mold. It makes perfect sense that the world’s most glamorous gals also make the world’s most glamorous preggos. And since none of us can seem to get enough of Kristin Cavallari and Co.’s bump pics, here’s a bunch of them. And no, not one of these celebrity moms looks like we do when we’re pregnant. But that’s why we’re looking at them, right? Enjoy!

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