Kelly Rippa and Mark Consuelos
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Kelly Rippa Shows Off Uncanny Resemblance to Mom, Esther Rippa, On Instagram

In an illuminating Instagram post over Thanksgiving, Kelly Rippa showed off her mom, Esther Rippa, and their iron-clad genetics. People Magazine compiled a list of reactions from fans and fellow celebrities alike, remarking on the uncanny resemblance.

Esther Rippa Had Quite the Hairdo


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In the caption of Rippa’s post, which was a “Flash Back Friday” or #fbf post, the loving daughter praised mom. The photo itself was of a young Esther Rippa holding Kelly as a toddler, with a beehive hairdo held together by hope and hairspray.

“Especially grateful for this gorgeous lady,” Kelly wrote. “Special shoutout to mom’s hair. Thankful it never collapsed during a single Thanksgiving.”

We’re shocked to hear it and certainly could never recreate it. Women’s hair today just isn’t made of the same stuff, it seems.

Rippa’s Instagram Following Loved the ‘Do!

Not just fans, mind you, but fellow celebrities!

Lisa Rinna said what we’re all thinking, “This hair commitment is really next level.” And Kate Hudson chimed in with, “OMG! Her hair is everything!”

Some of Rippa’s following made another observation, though — how strikingly similar young Esther Rippa looks to her celebrity host daughter.

Katie Couric noticed, saying, “Omg she looks exactly like u!” Caroline Rhea was baffled, as well, “I thought it was you.” And David Muir, a journalist for ABC, said, “Resemblance is stunning (and that little turkey on her lap).”

Rippa’s husband, Mark Consuelos, simply added a slew of little red hearts. We imagine he’s been well aware of the mom and daughter resemblance for quite some time.

Rippa Loves Giving Shout Outs to Mom

This, of course, isn’t the first time Rippa has given her mom a shout-out.

Back in March, Rippa shared a side-by-side photo of herself and mom, which really hones in on their similar good looks.


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Then, in June, she sent well-wished to her “favorite lady on Earth” for her birthday, posting several lovely photos of Esther Rippa from over the years. Her caption for this one: “Mom I love you as much as you love hats and wigs!”


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That’s a daughter that truly knows and loves her momma.

What do you think of that hairdo Esther Rippa rocked? Do you see the uncanny resemblance between daughter and mom? Let us know in the comments below.

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