Linda Phan and Drew Scott
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Linda Phan and Drew Scott Celebrate Lunar New Year With Adorable Baby Bump Photo

Mom-to-be Linda Phan has been properly celebrating her incoming baby on Instagram. Both Phan and her husband, Drew Scott, post little updates regularly. One of the latest is quite adorable, as it shows Phan cradling Scott’s stomach instead of the other way around! Quite cute.

This couple seems to be fully committing to the joy of a first pregnancy and we support it!

Linda Phan and Drew Scott Celebrate the Lunar New Year

Phan and Scott’s glee over their baby is contagious. Over the past month, or so, they’ve been perpetually celebrating with family and posting updates to Instagram.


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In the adorable role-reversal photo, Phan captioned, “One of the many pics of me holding Drew’s cute belly. Happy year of the Tiger!” She goes on to implore her followers to be “fierce” and “kind,” and to have plenty of “family time” in the new year.

Back in December, Phan and Scott announced their pregnancy via their podcast At Home, confirmed by PEOPLE. This is their first child after being married for four years and together for close to twelve. While they didn’t announce until December, they found out in August. According to PEOPLE, they’d been through two years of fertility treatments.


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After their big reveal, the couple posted an adorable baby-bump photo to Instagram. At the time, they promised to be open about their adventure into parenthood.

So far, they’ve made good on that promise. There’s this new photo, and then last month they shared photos of a special family occasion. While celebrating Burns Night, a Scottish tradition in the name of Scottish poet Robert Burns, they gathered their large family around the baby bump. Included in the celebration was Scott’s brother Jonathan Scott and his girlfriend, Zooey Deschanel.

Are you celebrating with Linda Phan and Drew Scott? How did you celebrate the Lunar New Year? Let us know in the comments below.

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