30 Baby Names You Should Never Give Your Kid

In general, I’m not one to judge baby names. I live in Brooklyn, where I bump into a Zoeth, Paisley, or Swan at the playground pretty much every day. To be honest, my kids have pretty unique middle names, too (but that’s a story for another time). Picking a name for your child is an intensely personal form of expression, and after carrying those suckers around in our bellies for nine months, we have the right to choose whatever name we want — from serious, to spiritual, to downright silly.

So, yeah, I’m pretty shock-proof when it comes to unusual baby names, but I’ll admit that the weird-kid-name trend can be a bit much. On the celebrity front, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West pretty much win the wacky baby names award, with daughter North West and son Saint. But it gets weirder. Much. Weirder. After Googling a few things like, “unusual baby names” and “weird kid names,” I came across the weirdest of the weird baby names. Or, at least, I though they were weird. Maybe you named your daughter Dorcas. If so, please explain in the comments!


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