Greek God Names From Greece’s Epic Tales

Greek god names from Greece’s epic tales come with interesting back stories and rich histories. Take a look at this Adonis-to-Zeus list of wearable baby names from Greek mythology to help you find the right name for your son.


There was a whole cult in ancient Greece dedicated to Adonis, the ultimate in handsomeness and the lover of the goddess Aphrodite. The name means “lord.”



One of the more popular Greek god names for modern use, Apollo was the god of the sun. The character Apollo Creed from the Rocky movies—and Harlem’s legendary Apollo—are more modern namesakes.


The Greek god of vengeance bore this strong name, which is now associated with Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody, one of Harry Potter’s protectors. It’s a close cousin to the Scottish name Alistair.


This son of Zeus sports a name that means “watchful guardian.” Hogwarts caretaker Argus Filch from Harry Potter is the name’s claim to fame.


Atlas has become one of the most popular Greek gods names. Currently just outside the top 400 baby names, it’s the name of the god who literally carried the world on his shoulders.


This unique name was given to the ancient god of gold. It could be a unique alternative to the standard Christopher.


Damon, a sea spirit from the island of Rhodes, has become a popular modern name, with Damon Wayans and Matt Damon among those who sport it. The name means “to tame,” and is currently in the top 500 names in the U.S.


The name of a Trojan War hero, Hector may appeal to parents who like names like Dexter. It’s currently nearing the top 300 in the U.S.


This unique Greek god’s name is associated with the Titan sun god.


The legendary strongman gives your son a lot to live up to, but it’s definitely a memorable choice.


The doofus dad from The Simpsons gave this moniker a bad name, but the hero of the Odyssey is the origin of this classic, which means “pledge.”


The leader of the Argonauts who quested after the famous golden fleece, and a long-time favorite—it was a top 10 pick throughout the 1970s. It means “healer.”


This hunter sought the daughters of Atlas, before the Greek goddess Artemis killed him, and Zeus placed him among the stars.


Phineus was an ancient king of Thrace. Soundalike name Phineas might bring this name back into the limelight, thanks to Julia Roberts using it for her son, and the popular Disney cartoon Phineas and Ferb.  


A more unique Greek god names pick, but perfect for sea-loving parents—Poseidon was the god of the oceans.


Consider this the ultimate among the names of Greek gods—since this is the main Greek god!

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