Greek Names For Boys & Girls

There are plenty of lovely Greek names out there, inspired by Greek gods and goddesses, as well as the long, storied history of Greece. Keep reading for a few of our favorites.



A consistent top 10 favorite, Alexander means “defending men,” and it was associated with the Greek conquerer, Alexander the Great.



The sun god’s name has become one of the more popular mythological names for modern use. More modern namesakes include Apollo Creed from the Rocky movies—and Harlem’s legendary Apollo theater.


This cousin to the Scottish Alistair was given to the Greek god of vengeance—and to Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody, one of Harry Potter’s protectors.


Atlas has become one of the most popular Greek mythology names. The Titan who carried the world on his shoulders has a name that’s now in the top 400 here in the U.S.


Don’t let the evil spawn from the classic Omen horror movies scare you away from one of the most popular Greek baby names.


Damon, which means “to tame,” was the name given to a sea spirit from the island of Rhodes. It’s currently in the top 500 names in the U.S.


One of the most popular Greek names, top 100 baby name pick Elias is a variation on Elijah.


The name of a Trojan War hero, Hector is nearing the top 300 in the U.S.


Long before Homer Simpson ate his first doughnut, the author of the epic poem, The Odyssey sported this classic, which means “pledge.”


One of the all-time favorite mythology names is Jason, the name given to the adventurer who quested after the famous golden fleece.


An ancient king of Laconia, Myles is now a top baby name, which means “soldier.”


Connected with the constellations, Orion has a place in history as a legendary hunter.



One of the most wearable major Greek mythology names is Athena, associated with the goddess of wisdom and peace. (She’s also the patron of the city of Athens.)


Currently in the top 20 names, Chloe means “fresh green sprout,” and ranks among the most popular Greek baby names.


Apollo fell in love with a river nymph who bore this name—before her father transformed her into a laurel tree to keep her safe.


One of most popular Greek mythology names is this one, given to the queen whose beauty allegedly started the Trojan war. The name means “shining light.”


The Greek goddess of rainbows—and the pretty springtime bloom—both share one of the more popular Greek names.


This regal name actually comes from a place name, for a location that was noted for great wealth and culture.


One of the most versatile Greek baby names, Margaret means “pearl,” and comes with a slew of nicknames, from Maggie and Meg to Greta and Daisy.


Melanie means “dark beauty,” and is currently in the top 100 baby names in the U.S. It rose to popularity thanks to its inclusion as Scarlett’s enduring (and all-too-angelic) BFF in Gone With the Wind.


This popular name means “weaver.” Penelope was the ever-faithful wife of Odysseus in the epic poem, The Odyssey.


The Titan associated with wisdom first sported Phoebe—which makes it extra ironic that it was later used for the wacky Friend Phoebe Buffay. Phoebe means “radiant one.”


One of the all-time most popular Greek names, Sophia was in the top spot for several years, before moving down to the top five. The name means “wisdom.”


This top 50 classic means “life.” Actress Zooey Deschanel sports an alternative spelling.

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