Unisex Names We Love

Unisex names are a good option for many reasons. Say you don’t want your baby’s sex to be immediately obvious from her name alone; gender neutral names solve that issue. If you’re waiting until you deliver to find out whether you’re having a boy or girl, choosing a few unisex names you and your partner both like could be a smart solution (they’ll work for both!). And here’s the thing: there are so many cool unisex baby names out there.

1. Angel

Many unisex names have been around forever, and this beatific baby name is no exception.


2. Avery

This red-hot name means ruler of the elves.

3. Cameron

Hilarious Cameron from Modern Family helped give this name its current buzz. So has Cameron Diaz, of course.

4. Charlie

This nickname for Charles is nearly equally popular for boys and girls as a name as its own right.

5. Emerson

This is one of those unisex names that’s also a cute surname pick. Emerson means industrious.

6. Finley

One of a whole slew of charming unisex names from Ireland, Finley means “fair-haired,” and currently hits in the top 200 for either sex.

7. James

James for a girl? It’s been used in the middle spot by several celebs, and Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds chose it as the first name for their daughter.

8. Jordan

Jordan is a geographic name — a river and country in the Middle East — that’s a favorite for both boys and girls. (It’s currently skews more toward boys, as a top consistent top 100 choice.)

9. Marley

This surname that means meadow has been long popular for girls, but just hit the top 1,000 for boys within the last five years.

10. Parker

Another surname favorite, Parker still skews slightly toward the boys’ camp.

11. Quinn

An Irish favorite that means “leader,” this baby name is consistently in the top 400 for both boys and girls.

12. Riley

Basically, if it has a “ley” ending, it seems to be fair game for either sex. Currently, Riley skews more heavily toward the girls.

13. River

This nature-themed name has been a long-standing favorite for boys, but hit the top 1,000 for girls within the past five years.

14. Rowan

Another “red-head” name with Irish and Scottish origins, Rowan is a top 500 pick for both boys and girls .

15. Rory

A vibrant Irish name that means red-haired, Rory’s a sweet unisex option.

16. Sage

This herb and greenish hue has been equally popular for boys and girls.

17. Sawyer

The surname of Mark Twain’s famed boy hero is a top 50 pick for boys, but still in the top 400 for girls.

18. Skyler/Skylar

This variant spelling of the Dutch name Schuyler actually has nothing to do with the atmosphere — it means scholar.


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