50 Disney Inspired Baby Names That Bring the Magic Home

Searching for the perfect baby name is time-consuming but also so much fun. If you’re a Disney lover like me, you’ve probably considered drawing inspiration from your favorite films in selecting a name for your little boy or girl. Focusing on characteristics and story lines, or choosing based on sound alone, the options abound.

From royalty to animals, fairies, and beyond, the magic of Disney can make its way into your baby naming process in so many beautiful and/or classic ways. Maybe you already have a favorite character or movie you’re considering; either way here’s a list of our favorite Disney-inspired baby names.

Adella: One of Ariel’s sisters introduced in the opening musical scene of The Little Mermaid, this mystical princess-y name is perfect for a little girl. It derives from the Spanish and means “noble.”

Alice: Sweet and curious Alice (as in Wonderland) will always be a personal Disney baby name of mine; this moniker also means “noble,” and is of German origin. Fun fact: my sister-in-law, Allison, was named after the character too (ie: Allison Wonderland). If Alice doesn’t stand out enough for you, that’s another option!

Amos: This cute boys’ name appears more than once in Disney history: first, Amos was a buddy of Mickey Mouse’s back in 1953. More recently, Amos Slade is the beloved protagonist in The Fox and the Hound. It’s a Hebrew name meaning “carried by God.”

Andy: Who doesn’t just smile with nostalgia when they think of this iconic Disney boys’ name scribbled on the bottom of Woody’s shoe? The Toy Story character’s name is a shortened version of Andrew from the English; meaning brave and manly.

Arthur: The young hero from The Sword and the Stone has a storied name. With Welsh origins and meaning “bear,” it’s a strong name that’s been given to many kings and princes in history and books throughout the years. Also, it lends easily to adorable nicknames like Art or Artie.

Anna: Pronounced Ah-na, this beautiful name with multiple origins was a perfect pick for the pigtailed protagonist from Disney’s Frozen. Deriving from Hebrew, Greek, and Latin, it’s various meanings include “favor,” “grace,” and “beautiful.” Not a bad choice for your little princess!

Ariel (U): The red-haired mermaid princess proved that girls can do anything with a little grit and plenty of love in their hearts. The name means “lion of God” in Hebrew and can be used for boys or girls. (You can also add an “le” at the end to further feminize or drop the “el” that’s there to uber-masculinize it to just Ari for a boy).

Aurora: Your own little sleeping beauty will love growing into this magical Disney princess name, which is Latin for “dawn.”


Belle: Sweet, lovely, and French — not a bad combination! The princess from Beauty and the Beast fits her name perfectly, and so will yours. Other options are to use it as a middle name for just a touch of Disney charm, or add a syllable (ie: Bella) if you prefer a longer first name for your little girl.

Briar: An alternate name for Aurora from Sleeping Beauty is Briar Rose. If you want a “secret” Disney name for Baby Girl, this one is precious… and it alludes to the rose bushes surrounding Aurora’s castle.

Bruce: The trusty, vegetarian shark in Finding Nemo is a perfect hero to name your little boy after. The boys’ name has various European roots, translating to “from the brushwood thicket,” and was originally a Norman place name from Robert the Bruce who spearheaded Scotland’s independence from England in the 1300’s.

Colette:  Ratatouille’s capable, brave female cook has a beautiful French baby girl’s name meaning necklace or victorious. It also lends to the precious nickname Coco that would be super cute for any baby girl.

Daisy: The fluff-tailed, eyelashed duck who was part of Mickey’s early gang in the 1940’s, also happens to have a really pretty flower name that makes a subtle enough nod to Disney while still feeling modern and chic.

Dash: Everyone’s favorite, Incredible pint-sized super hero is not just bold and adorable — he also bears a chic English baby name meaning “from the ash,” that will age beautifully along with your child.


Ella: It was Cinderella’s original name and it also happens to be widely popular in the US these days. The shortened form of Eleanor or Ellen means “light” and “beautiful.” In French, Elle means “she.” That says it all!

Elsa: You can’t have a list of the best Disney baby names without including the one given to this fair-haired heroine. The German name means “pledged to God,” but any modern princess rocking this one will definitely associate it more with the Frozen series.

Eric: Ariel’s prince is one of those classic Disney heartthrobs that moms born in the 80’s and 90’s will always adore. It is derived from Norse and means “ruler” or “mighty,” making it a strong choice for your little prince.

Esmeralda: The beautiful gypsy in Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame had the same name in the original book published in 1831. The name is princess-like in sound and was borrowed from the Spanish for this character. Esmeralda means “emerald”  and is a beautiful girls’ name for your gem.

Eudora: Tiana’s mom in The Princess and the Frog has a lovely name for girls, which means “generous gift” in Greek — and is such a special choice for the little gift of your sweet baby girl.


Felix: The handyman in Wreck-It Ralph might not be the most obvious choice for naming your son after, but it’s a subtle nod to Disney that also carries the meanings of happiness and luck from the Latin.

Flora: Of the three magical fairies in Sleeping Beauty, Flora’s has the most adaptable — and probably the most special — name. Meaning “flower” in Latin, it’s a pretty girls’ name with double Disney cred as this was also Walt Disney’s mother’s name.

Flynn: Rapunzel’s male counterpart is every bit the modern Prince Charming in Disney’s Tangled from 2010. Letting the princess shine, and doing the right thing throughout the film have this character etched in the hearts of modern parents. Not to mention that the cute and versatile Irish surname is rising in popularity among baby boys.


Giselle: She’s the archetypal princess from Enchanted, and her French girls’ name means “beautiful like the stars.” Need we say more? This might just be the quintessential Disney name for a baby girl!


Hiro: He’s the protagonist in Big Hero 6, and his name is extra special. The Japanese boys’ name meaning “broad” or “widespread” gets extra credit points for sounding just like the English word “hero,” making it a worthy contender for your baby boy.


Jack or Jaq: Whether attributing it to Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas, or Jaq the mouse from Cinderella, this simple and sweet boys’ name is a classic that works well for modern families. Whichever way you spell or pronounce it, the name means “God is gracious.”

James: He’s the elder brother in Sofia the First and a kind-hearted young prince who tries his best to do the right thing. The biblical name meaning “supplanter” has been given to various Disney characters over the years, including Tiana’s father in The Princess and the Frog.

Jasmine: Aladdin‘s princess has inspired generations of girls to stand up for themselves and break with convention. Her name means “gift of God” in Persian and also refers to the jasmine flower.

Kristoff: Anna’s love interest in Frozen is an all-around good guy. The Scandinavian and Greek name means “bearer of Christ,” just like the Anglicized version Christopher (which has also been given to various Disney characters throughout the years…).

Laverne (U): As a Disney name, the moniker belongs to one of the well-meaning and loyal gargoyles in Hunchback; the unisex French baby is stand-alone pretty, too: it means “woodland” and has a lyrical quality to it.

Lilo: The sweet Hawaiin lead character from the movie Lilo & Stitch has inspired plenty of parents to impart this multicultural name (meaning “generous” in German) on their little ones.

Louis: It’s another classic name that Disney has used a few times — most recently in The Princess and the Frog. The French noble name means “renowned warrior” and is a solid pick for baby boys.


Marlin: Nemo’s dad is one of the most lovable supporting characters in recent Disney history. The English name means “sweller in a famous land,” and has an oceanic feel to it.

Max (U): Whether you’re going Maximillian (M), Maxine (F), or Maxwell (U), you can add a touch of Disney fun and the spirit of companionship to your baby’s name handed down from Max Goof — and Prince Eric’s dog in The Little Mermaid. Max also happens to mean “the greatest,” so you really can’t go wrong here.

Merida: The protagonist in Brave is one of my young daughters’ hands-down favorite Disney princesses: she’s, well, brave… and a solid role model for little girls everywhere. The American baby name means “pearl.”


Nala: Young Simba’s female best friend in 1994’s The Lion King is a special Disney character because we get to watch her grow from a cub to a mother. The African baby girl name means “successful.”

Nash: Like Flora, Nash is a Disney baby name with double associations. Nash is an enthusiastic T-Rex in 2015’s The Good Dinosaur and is also the last name of the voice actor who brought Donald Duck to life dating back to the 1930’s. In 1993, Clarence Nash was posthumously made a Disney Legend. Also, this English baby boy’s name meaning “by the ash tree” is just adorable.

Naveen: Tiana’s love interest in The Princess and the Frog has a handsome baby boy name meaning “new” with mixed roots including a close step to Navim, from the Arabic.


Oliver: Disney’s modernized take on Oliver Twist features an adorable kitty by the classic name of Latin origin. The olive tree symbolizes peace and friendship, packing special meaning into this adored baby boy name.


Peter: Never grow up! Peter Pan is the symbol of youth and freedom, whose story has kept childhood and magic alive in the hearts of Disney fans everywhere. It’s a great name to pick for an un-obvious Disney-informed choice; the Greek moniker means “rock.”

Phillip: Aurora’s prince is a man of virtue and kindness. The name has been popular for hundreds of years, and derives from the Greek, for “lover of horses.”


Remy (U): He’s a rat with a dream, but more importantly he’s a Disney character that proves hard work and heart matter. This unisex baby name of French and Latin origins means “oarsman,” and has an alternate spelling “Remi” for both boys and girls.

Robin (U): Whether its meaning is special to you for the bravery of Robin Hood or the kindness and curiosity of Christopher Robin, this unisex Disney baby name is a beautiful pick. It’s an English name meaning “famed,” “bright,” or “shining” and couldn’t be cuter for your little boy or girl.


Sebastian: Ariel’s best crabby friend is more than a sidekick; his story proves that sticking by the ones we love is important. And so is telling the truth. The Latin name means “venerable” and was the 18th most popular name for baby boys in 2018.

Simba: The protagonist in The Lion King series is loyal to home and to family, which means he’s a lovely character choice for inspiring your baby boy’s name. Simba means “lion” in Swahili.

Stefan: King Stefan is Aurora’s father in Sleeping Beauty, making this a strong king name for baby boys. It’s a Greek name meaning “crown” or “garland,” so it inherently has a royal flair.


Tiana: The family-focused Tiana from The Princess and the Frog is admirable for supporting herself with a job unlike many past princesses who were born into their riches; she’s also the first official African-American official Disney princess. This beautiful name translates literally to “princess” in Russian and Latin.

Triton: Ariels’ father, King Triton, is powerful and firm but loving. The name derives from Greek mythology, meaning “God of the Sea.”


Violet: She’s a modern Disney girl with a love of adventure and a heart for doing what’s right. The Incredibles’ Violet shares her name with plenty of modern baby girls as this Latin moniker meaning “purple” is currently in the #31 spot for US baby girl names.


Wendy: Peter Pan’s female best friend (and in my unasked-for opinion, the heart of the film!) has a name laced with magic and whimsy. The English baby girls’ name means, “friend.”


Zeus: In the Disney film Hercules based on Greek mythology, the ruler of all the gods has a supporting role. As a baby name, it’s strong, powerful, and magically to the point.

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