DIY Organza Flower Pouf Pin

pink-flower-pouf-pin-peach-sweater-hands  pink-flower-pouf-pin-hair-jeweled-collar

It’s spring! Birds are chirping, trees are budding, and my toes are suddenly not so freezing. I’m also pretty tired of my winter uniform, which mainly consisted of blacks and grays this year. So to punch things up and add a little pop of color, I whipped up some organza flower pins. They’re light and airy but so fun and colorful! And best of all, you can customize the size, shape, and color, so they’re perfect for wearing on anything from a sweater to a bag to a little girl’s hair. 


  • organza
  • scissors
  • needle and thread
  • pin backs (or clip backs if you’d like to make a hair clip instead of a pin)


Step 1: Cut a length of organza that’s 50″ long x 3″ wide. (If you’d like a smaller flower, keep the length but cut the fabric to about 1.5″ wide.)


Step 2: Fold the organza in half over and over until you have a piece that’s about 1″ x 3″.


Step 3: Cut a rounded shape on one end of the folded organza.


Step 4: Unfold and you should have a long scalloped piece of fabric.


Step 5: Thread your needle and knot the end of the thread. Sew a long running stitch on the unscalloped end of the organza. It’s easiest to gather a few inches of the material onto the needle at one time, then pull it onto the thread. Repeat until your running stitch spans the entire length of the fabric. 

pink-organza-running-stitch-needle-thread pink-organza-running-stitch-hand

Step 6: Pull the fabric into one tight clump on the needle. Sew a few stitches back into the gathered fabric so that the organza is secured and takes on a flower shape.


Step 7: Open the pin on your pin back and lay it down on the back side of the gathered fabric. Stitch the pin back onto the fabric. Knot the end and snip the thread.


Step 8: Fluff up your flower pouf and wear it all over town to welcome spring! 

pink-organza-flower-pouf-pin-2 pink-organza-flower-on-lapel pink-organza-flower-in-hair

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