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Best Games for Your Kid’s Overall Development

Every parent would agree that games are the best way to improve their kid’s overall development. Whether it be indoor or outdoor games, they allow kids to participate physically, think logically, and work on their problem-solving skills. However, nowadays, kids are engrossed in gadgets, which ultimately hampers their physical and mental well-being and stalls their overall development.

It’s not too late, parents! You can still get your kids up and running with these indoor and outdoor games, which are fun to play and highly engaging. Moreover, these games can be played with parents, grandparents, and even friends anytime, so your little ones can’t complain that they don’t have someone to play with.

1. Monopoly 

games for kids development
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You must have enjoyed playing Monopoly with your family as a kid. Now is the time to get your kids hooked on this game. Moreover, it’s a fun way to educate kids about the financial aspect of life and improve their quick math skills. This game is available online or even at stationary and game stores.

Why stop at Monopoly? Grab other age-appropriate games for kids’ development as well, like Snakes and Ladders, Scrabble, etc.

2. Twenty questions 

This is another fun game that is good for your kid’s overall development. The best part is that you can play this with two or more people anytime, anywhere. Also, there is no age limit. The teams must guess the name of the personality, place, or thing (picked by the host) before completing 20 questions about them.

If the team loses, then the other team gets the chance to guess who the person or thing is based on the questions asked. It is one of the best games to test your teen’s overall awareness, general knowledge, and basic history.

3. Jigsaw puzzle

games for kids development
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Jigsaw puzzles are engaging and apt for every age group, from toddlers to adults, and will help your kid’s overall development. It promotes creative thinking among kids and even teaches them patience. The best part is that puzzles come in various themes, and the number of pieces also differs. So pick the puzzles depending on your kid’s age and interest, upping the puzzle’s number of pieces as they get better at it.

For instance, if you pick a puzzle for a 4-year-old for the first time, then opt for a 5-6 piece puzzle involving their favorite animal or characters. While, for a tween, you can pick puzzles with 20 pieces or more (depending on their expertise with jigsaw puzzles) with their favorite characters. We guarantee your kids will jump with joy once they complete the puzzle successfully.

4. Memory games

Memory games are essential for kids’ overall development, especially toddlers’. They help little ones to engage their understanding and perception. Moreover, it makes kids recall things they have heard or seen before. Memory games are also great for developing focus and concentration in children.

Place some objects, like toys, cars, dolls, etc., in front of them. Ask your kids to go through them individually, and then tell them to close their eyes. While they have their eyes closed, you remove one or two objects. Ask your kid to open their eye and tell which object is missing from the collection. Your child might be unable to recall all the missing objects on their first try, but gradually, you will see them getting better at this game.

5. Obstacle course

games for kids development
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Obstacle courses are a great way to get your kids moving. This is an absolute must-try game for kids’ development. Based on your child’s age and how much they can handle, you can create the obstacle course inside or outside your house with the help of cardboard, sheets, trampoline, ropes, etc.

If you are working with an obstacle course for the first time, we would recommend you start easy and on a small scale. Massive obstacle courses can intimidate kids, scaring them away.

Before you ask your child to try the course, cross it yourself first to check for any dangers and also to give your kids a better idea of how to go about it. Don’t forget to make your kids wear helmets and knee pads to prevent injuries. You can also use soft pillows, foam mats, and blankets to create an obstacle course for your toddlers.

Apart from these games for your kid’s development, try hopscotch, hide and seek, Jenga, card games, chess, and word games. If you want your kids to have an active lifestyle instead of being couch potatoes, push them to play games with you and their friends. Trust us, it will prove beneficial for them in the long run.

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