8 Indoor Games to Keep Your Kids Active

Kids love to play. Be it outdoors or indoors. But sometimes, due to climate or personal reasons, going out to play may not be a feasible option. So, you have to keep the kids engaged with indoor games. Want to know some fun games to keep your little munchkins active indoors? Then, read on to find out the options. 

1. Try the Parachute Game

Indoor parachute game
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This is a fun game that your kids will surely enjoy. Grab a bedsheet and let everyone hold each side. Quickly move your arms up and down and see the bed sheet being converted to parachute-like within seconds. For added fun, throw in some balls to see how quickly you can knock them off. 

2. Crab Race 

Sounds fun, right? For the Crab race, place your hands and feet on the ground with your stomach facing upwards and let the competition begin! Make siblings race against each other or play kids vs parents or as teams with other family members to make it even more exciting. 

3. Pretend Snowball Fight

Put those mismatched and old socks to use now. Roll them into balls and throw them at different targets or at each other. You can even use newspapers to make the ball. Add your own twist to the game and make it even more exciting. 

4. Dance Yoga

It’s a perfect indoor game for kids to move those muscles. Put on some music and try various yoga poses with the beats. You can even stop the music in between and ask the kids to hold the position for a few seconds. Whoever holds the position for the maximum time, wins the activity. 

5. Throw a Dance Party

And not just any dance party. We are talking about a weird theme-based party to add some extra fun. The rules are simple: decide some fun or weird theme, let kids decide their costumes, lay some snacks, jazz up the place, and dance your heart out. 

6. Lemon Spoon Race 

You all must have done this or a different version of it in school. So, go down memory lane once again with this activity. Take a spoon, place a lemon on it, and ask them to hold it in their mouth. See who reaches the finish point first without dropping it or touching it with their hands. You can even create various hurdles or obstacle courses in between or even place an egg instead of a lemon. 

7. Picking Up With Toes

Take a bowl, fill it with water, and place some marbles in it. Now, ask your kids to pick those marbles and put them in another bowl only with their toes. The one who finishes first wins the game. You can even replace marbles with any other small round object and skip the water part in case you are worried about the mess. 

8. Tug of War

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Everyone knows the rules of this game. Two teams pull the opposite end of the rope until one team drags the opposite team over a central line. 

So, clear up your sitting space and make some room for the kids to enjoy these indoor games with you. Other than these, you can always play various board games to keep them engaged.

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