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5 New Year’s Eve Games for Kids and Grown Ups

If you’re planning to host a New Year’s Eve party this year, you’ve got to have a few games to help move the evening along and keep your guests entertained until the clock strikes 12. Here are a few fun New Year’s Eve games that kids and grown-ups will enjoy playing without getting bored.

1. Name the celebrity

Write the names of some of the most talked about celebrities of the year on index cards and let the player put one of the cards on their forehead. The team members will then give clues to the player, like their husband’s name, the number of awards won (if any), or the latest buzz about the celebrity, etc., for the player to identify the celebrity’s name.

You can set a minute timer to see which of the two teams guesses the maximum names. The team with the maximum number of correct names wins the New Year’s Eve game. Kids can also be included by picking names they will be familiar with. For the little ones, keep the clues to the movies and shows they watch to make it easier to guess.

2. Champagne Race

Don’t worry, we will not suggest having a chugging match at a party with kids! Divide the guests into two teams and place one champagne-filled bowl at one corner of the room and the glasses at the other. Then, ask one player from each team to race and fill their champagne glasses from bowl to glass with the help of a teaspoon in under two minutes.

The player who finishes first or gets the maximum amount of champagne in the glass wins the game and gets to raise a toast on New Year’s Eve. Also, to avoid waste, you can replace champagne with water or any other colored liquid.

3. Two resolutions and a lie

This New Year’s Eve game is an excellent ice-breaker for guests meeting for the first time at the party. Based on the oh-so-popular Two Truths and a Lie, in this game, one of the guests has to tell their 2024 resolutions (mixing in a lie), and the other guests have to figure out which of their two resolutions is true and which one is a lie.

4. Guess the music

This is a game that both kids and adults will love to play. Choose songs from various genres released in the past ten years (otherwise, it will be hard for the kids to guess), and play some part of the music for 5-10 seconds for the two teams. The team that guesses the maximum number of songs within a minute wins the game and decides what to play next from your list.

5. Scavenger hunt

The best thing about this game is that even kids can actively participate and help the adults find hidden objects. All you have to do is hide New Year-related things around the house, like a miniature disco ball, party hat, cookies, pictures, etc., and ask the teams to collect a maximum number of items in a minute or two.

You can hide the items in the rooms or even in your backyard. Finally, the team with the maximum number of items wins the game. They get the privilege to start the countdown to the New Year.

Aren’t these New Year’s Eve games fun to play? Start prepping for them now and have a terrific party with your loved ones. Also, don’t forget to tell us in the comment section below which game your guests loved playing the most.

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