5-Year-Old Finds Mom’s Passport & Concludes She’s An Alien

Kira J, a 30-year-old author, poet, and mom, had no idea she would be spending her Monday trying to convince her five-year-old, Nala-Joye, that she wasn’t an alien.


I mean, we’ve all had to do that right? …right?

How Nala-Joye Came to Believe Her Mom’s An Alien

As Kira relayed to Buzzfeed, Nala-Joye curiously spotted her mom’s passport and was flipping through the pages when she landed on one with a stamp that looked like a view from space.

Having just watched the 90’s film Men In Black three days before, there was only one logical conclusion for this imaginative five-year-old to arrive at—

Her mom… must be… an alien… and this little blue alien book was proof of it.

Initially, Kira played along, saying, “Yes, but it’s a secret, you can’t tell anyone,” innocently playing with her daughter, “But that’s what caused the meltdown.”

A Viral Five-Year-Old Meltdown

As this revelation—nay, this betrayal—washed over Nala-Joye, she processed the information the way one might expect a five-year-old to… she broke down crying.

Kira j filmed the moment, and all of its parental hilarity, and posted it on Twitter; where it easily soared to viral status with 2.2 million views.

Everyone found the meltdown, and the cause of it, as hilarious as Kira did.

Once the filming ended, Kira calmed her distraught daughter with knowledge, explaining what a passport is and what the stamps represent. She told her that just because some of the stamps had cows on them, that didn’t mean she was a cow.

Knowing full-well the dramatic antics of one Miss Nala-Joye, Kira said that the moment made for huge laughs amongst friends and family. It will, undoubtedly, be a story that Nala-Joye will be haunted with well into her thirties, just like the rest of our mothers do to us.

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