Hilarious Spring Sports Tweets We Can All Relate To

Spring sports are in full effect! This means busy schedules, stinky equipment filling up the back of your minivan, and being very, very patient as your little ones learn the skills required to play the game well, how to be a good teammate, and that one musn’t leave a particular kind of cup on the kitchen table when they’re done with it. It also means the funniest parents of the internet are all over Twitter, making us laugh when they say exactly what we’re thinking.

We all know the positive aspects of raising kids who play team sports, which is why we keep our eye on the ball even when things aren’t going as smoothly as we had hoped they would.

Like when we realize how hard it will be to achieve our goals so our children can achieve theirs.

Once all the equipment is purchased and teams are chosen, all we need to do is make sure our calendars stay up-to-date—and so does the laundry.

Sometimes we can even try our hand at coaching the team when they’re in a pinch.

A cool thing about the sports mom life is how easy it is to find others just like us to befriend.

Though that does increase the odds of that tricky moment when another parent who is super into the sport asks which position our kid plays. 

To keep things fair, each family takes turns bringing in the team snack. It’d be even more fair if our kids told us it was our turn more than eight minutes before leaving for the game. 

In one way or another, every player ends up a winner.

Probably because they learn so much from practicing the sport.

No one expects perfection. There’s a completely understandable learning curve. (Aaaand certain biological needs.)

We’re always their biggest cheerleaders…until it’s our fourteenth game of the week and we’ve reached a point when we kind of would love to see ourselves on the couch, instead, for once.

Or when they’re young enough to have the very first start times at the crack of dawn on Saturday mornings.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t do everything we can to motivate them into being as great as we believe they can be!

And learn to be more flexible, ourselves.

So we are definitely in it for the long haul. (Mostly because we can maybe never leave?)

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