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14 Wine Memes Every Vino-Loving Mom Can Toast To

Motherhood is stressful. What other job insists you master both how to get poo out of literally every material in existence and the ever-changing social media options on your kids’ phones? You need to be sweet, sing-songy mom in order to calm a terrified child one minute and scary mom in order to get another kid back in line the next. You hold hearts and lives in your hands, preparing little humans to hopefully thrive in this mad, mad world with exactly zero training. NO PRESSURE, AMIRIGHT?

This is why moms need stress relief. Some pick up yoga, hiking, meditation. Others pick up curse-filled coloring books. Some book a standing appointment for a monthly massage. Others make a standing date with friends to eat every dessert on the menu at the local diner. And many others treat themselves to a glass or two of the blessed nectar of the vines: wine. Whether from a box found at the local market or a bottle some fancy friend of your parents gifted you, there is something soothing about the first taste of that fermented fabulousness from a delicate glass (or a sippy cup, because you’re ignoring the dirty dishes at the moment). Chardonnay, cabernet, sauvignon blanc, pinot noir—they’re all good, baby. As is laughter. So pick a favorite, take a sip, and release some stress-relieving endorphins while chortling along as some fellow parents share their thoughts on their favorite grape-flavored beverage in these hilarious wine memes. Cheers!










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