PHOTOS: ‘Reasons My Kid Is Crying’ All-Stars

My kids are the most adorable things on earth … but seriously — SERIOUSLY — why do they have to freak out over absolutely nothing sometimes?! There aren’t any raisins in my daughter’s cereal (sob); I won’t let my 1-year-old stand on the table (oh, the injustice)! It’s true. Kids cry for no logical reason whatsoever. Whether they’re mad at me for taking away the scissors or bawling because the chicken is too “chicken-y”, my kids are masters of this melodramatic art.

Nobody wants to see their kids in pain, but if I can salvage just a tiny bit of my sanity during one of these frustration-fueled outbursts, I will do whatever it takes. Maybe it’s a wee bit heartless to take a step back and snap a photo or two, but it’s a pretty fun way to cope with the completely absurd, ridiculous, and hilarious reasons my kids have totally lost their sh*t.

We’ve compiled a stellar round-up, so check out some of the all-time best photos of kids crying for no reason at all.

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