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17 Ways Kids Are Just Like Facebook

Have you noticed that the two things we spend most of our time with have a LOT in common? Yep, I’m talking about our kids and The Facebook.

Both came to be with a little creative teamwork, and now it seems we simply cannot live without either of them. Probably because they are pretty much interchangeable!

How Kids Are Just Like Facebook:

1. They jump randomly from topic to topic.

2. You’re constantly checking in on them. CONSTANTLY.

3. They are always covered in viral stuff.

4. They’re always inviting you to play Candy Crush.

5. They’re always asking if you like things you’re not really paying attention to.

6. Oh, you wanted privacy? NOPE.

7. You rarely leave home without them.

8. They hide the important things you need to read under a bunch of kid art and pointless stories.

9. They love baby animals. CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF THE BABY ANIMALS. Especially videos of baby animals.

10. Vague statements are kind of their jam.

11. They want you to go to all of the parties all of the time.

12. They always want to know your location.


14. They try to get you to buy all the things. (C’mon! Your friends like them! You will, too!)

15. They just want your attention. For hours at a time. Like, 24 of them every day.

16. They’re really into selfies.

17. Their rules change with absolutely no warning.

Graphic: Kim Bongiorno

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