14 Ways Your Kid Is Just Like You

When we dreamt of having kids, we imagined passing on only the best parts of ourselves. Not just our friendly smiles or strong legs, but things like a knack for baking or the ability to be kind in difficult times. So once we get our hands on those kids and begin molding, we try to focus on the good, and we try to be the best versions of ourselves as a model for them. Over time they become little mirrors, reflecting back those positive parts—and so much more.


If parenthood teaches us one thing, it’s that karma has a very cheeky sense of humor. For all that time we’re shaping our progeny into lovely human beings, they’re also picking up facets of us that we didn’t realize slipped out during the process. Because our authentic selves always find a way to reveal themselves, and kids soak that stuff up like the little sponges they are. Here is a sampling of the many ways your kid will prove they’re just like you:

1. The twinkle in their eye when they see someone they love.

2. An affinity for nineties hip-hop and inability to not dance when it comes on the radio.

3. The frustrated-middle-aged-mom tone they take when reprimanding their brother for doing something they disagree with.

4. The ability to find ways to employ their time that have nothing to do with the unappealing task they’re supposed to be doing, like work or cleaning.

5. How they simply cannot go to bed without finishing the book they’re totally into.

6. How they are an absolute BEAR the day after they stayed up too late reading a book.

7. Their gift for consuming candy in secret without causing a single audible crinkle of the wrapper so they don’t have to share.

8. So. Many. Shoes. In. Their. Closet.

9. A face most people would describe as “friendly” when asked.

10. How there is no trace of annoyance on their face when someone says something really dumb in front of them even though there’s no question that they think what was said was, in fact, dumb.

11. A deep, undeniable need for new notebooks each time they’re at the store, even though they have plenty of notebooks back home.

12. Always finds fart jokes to be funny. ALWAYS.

13. They are exactly who they want to be, no apologies.

14. They can often be found lounging on the couch in front of reruns of “The Golden Girls” while eating an entire sleeve of cookies.

(Okay, maybe that last one is just me and my own kid.)

So. What have your kids done that prove without a doubt who they take after?