Real Littles Collectible Toys

Real Littles: The Collectible Toys That Will Make Your Kids the Fashionistas of the Schoolyard

If you have stylish little ones, you know they’re always looking for ways to bring their A-game to the schoolyard (a.k.a. the red carpet for kids). Real Littles is here for you and your tiny fashionistas with new collectible toys that’ll make your kid the envy of all their friends.

Real Littles Backpacks Are Your Kid’s New BFF

Real Littles Backpacks have taken a charming turn by adopting a plushie-inspired design. These backpacks are not only adorable but also filled with tiny collectible surprises. When you unzip them, you’ll discover four delightful stationery surprises that are fully functional despite their miniature size. From tiny notebooks to little pencils and stickers, these surprises are sure to bring a smile to your face. With six different Real Littles Plushies Backpacks to collect, featuring designs like Bunny, Cat, Hamster, Llama, Panda, and Unipup, kids can mix and match to build the ultimate micro stationery collection. Each Micro pack Backpack also comes with a convenient clip, allowing kids to hang them on their bags or jeans. It’s a fun and engaging way for kids to collect and share these tiny treasures with friends. Real Littles truly brings “Things You Love Made Micro” to life!

These charming Plushie Pet Backpacks not only serve as adorable companions but also offer a delightful surprise element. Unzipping the backpack reveals four tiny, functional stationery surprises, sparking creativity and imaginative play. With a variety of cute designs to collect and the ability to hang them on bags or jeans, these backpacks encourage kids to share and swap their treasures with friends, fostering social interaction and the joy of collecting.

Real Littles Journals Have the “Write” Stuff

Real Littles Journals have upped the excitement with secret surprises incorporated into their designs. Each Journal cover holds a hidden secret, which could be either stationery or cosmetic surprises. These designer journals are not only adorable but also come with a lock and key. Opening up a Real Littles Journal reveals even more micro surprises that actually work! Each journal boasts three surprises that align with its unique theme. With 50 printed pages inside, there’s ample room for kids to jot down their special secrets. With six different themes to collect, including Princess, Unicorn, Bunny, Boba Bear, Avocado, and Popsi-cool, the Real Littles Journals offer endless delight for collectors of all ages.

Real Littles Journals are designed to add an element of excitement to everyday writing. The secret surprises hidden within the journals add an element of intrigue, making each journaling session an adventure. The micro surprises, which match the journal’s theme, provide tactile engagement and inspire kids to jot down their thoughts, secrets, and stories. With a lock and key, these journals encourage a sense of privacy and ownership, promoting a sense of responsibility in kids.

Real Littles Desktop Caddy Elevates Your Kid’s Workspace

The latest addition to the Real Littles collection this season is the Desktop Caddy. This product is a delightful surprise in disguise, resembling a mini fridge or a pen holder. This “Super Cool” Mini Fridge houses a range of real, working micro stationery, all cleverly designed to look like food, drinks, and refrigerator items. When you open the fridge and freezer doors, you’ll discover a world of tiny surprises. Is it a juice bottle or a pen? An icebox or a tape dispenser? The surprises include erasers, paper clips, pencil sets, and even an adorable drink-can pencil sharpener. To add a personal touch, you can decorate the fridge with stickers included in the set. With over 20 surprises to explore, the Real Littles Fridge Desktop Caddy is an enchanting addition to any kid’s desk, adding both functionality and charm to their workspace.

The Desktop Caddy offers a unique and playful twist to traditional desk organization. Its dual identity as a fridge and pen holder sparks curiosity and imaginative play. Kids can explore the “Super Cool” mini fridge, discovering mini stationery surprises that look like real food and drinks. This fosters creativity as they incorporate these mini items into their schoolwork or artistic endeavors. The act of decorating the fridge with stickers adds a personal touch and allows for customization, making the Desktop Caddy both a practical and entertaining addition to a child’s workspace.

How to Get Your Own Real Littles and Jumpstart Your Kid’s Creativity

Ready to ignite your child’s creativity with Real Littles? These charming, surprise-filled toys are just a click away; you can find them here on Amazon.

Once you have your Real Littles in hand, here are a few tips to enhance your child’s enjoyment of these toys:

  • Encourage Creativity: Real Littles are more than just collectibles; they’re tools for imaginative play. Encourage your child to incorporate the tiny stationery surprises into their drawings, schoolwork, or storytelling sessions;
  • Social Interaction: If your child collects Real Littles Plushie Pet Backpacks, encourage them to share and swap with friends. This promotes social interaction, negotiation skills, and the joy of collecting together;
  • Journaling Fun: With Real Littles Journals, inspire your child to jot down their thoughts, dreams, and stories. These journals offer a safe space for self-expression and creativity;
  • Desk Organization: The Desktop Caddy can help teach kids the importance of organization. Encourage them to use it as a functional desk accessory to store their stationery items neatly while enjoying the surprise element.
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