14 Coolest Ever After-School Classes

Are your kids curious about what it would be like to wire circuits, build a robot, throw a right hook like a pro, or lunge forward with a sabre in-hand? What sounds like a myriad of impossible skills to learn are actually easily attained with these super unique classes, all that your little one can take right after school. These totally outside-the-box programs will limber up your tot’s brain and body:

Bot Building in Chicago, Il

Building, buzzing and tinkering tots are going to feel right at home at Robot City Workshop. They’ll familiarize themselves with gears and circuits in the beginner workshops (recommended for ages 5-7). And, as your little androids get older, they can advance to the next levels where they’ll get to make fully functional bots.


Be A Rockstar! in San Francisco, Ca

Tired of hearing your kids belt out their fave “Frozen” songs on repeat? Send your budding musician off to practice his or her vocals and instrumental ability at San Francisco’s Rock Band Land. Located in the artsy Mission District, Rock Band Land will put your mini-musicians, ages 5-9, in a headset (to protect their ears) as they form a band and create their very own original songs.

Somersaults and Splits in Los Angeles, Ca

Stop your tumblers from harming any more of your living room furniture by refining their somersault and cartwheeling skills at cirque school Kinetic Theory. This circus and theatre training program will give your gymnasts (ages 4-15) a firm foundation in physical and circus theater so that they may one day head to the stage as a real Cirque du Soleil performer. Until then your little one won’t have to run away from home to join the circus.

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Photo: Robot City Workshop via Facebook