5 Quick Hairstyles for the Back-to-School Rush

It’s back to the hustle for us moms. Since school is back in action our morning routines are crazier than ever. Our hair can either be super easy and seamless or it can easily become a hot mess as we are running out the door.  Depending on your hair texture and whether you got a shower that day, here are some options to keep yourself looking situated while doing your morning routine. Keep reading for the best hairstyles for back to school.

The Easy Braid:

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A great option for wet hair or hair that is a bit dirty. Even slept on hair that may be a bit kinked can look great in a loose braid. 

Quick Top Knot:

5 Quick Hairstyles for the Back-to-School Rush

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The top knot is the perfect option for dirty hair. Whip that hair up and secure with a rubber band, and you are off. Doesn’t matter if it’s messy.


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A ponytail is a great option for day-old hair. You can keep your pony low for a sleek look or gather hair up high on the head for a bouncy pony.

Throw on a Hat:

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When all else fails go for a great hat. A hat is a mom’s best friend. Whether it’s a fedora, baseball hat, or beanie it is a great option for hiding dirty hair or keeping static-y hair managed.  


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A half-up style is great for day-two hair or air-dried hair. Pull a couple pieces back from the face to keep the face-framing hair clean and handled.  

More Mom Hairstyles:

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