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5 Quick Hairstyles for Toddler Girls

Toddlers love playing dress-up and sporting different hairstyles. However, coming up with a new hairstyle every single day can be challenging for us parents. That is why we offer you five easy hairstyles that are quick to execute and that your toddler will love to wear to her daycare center. Moreover, these hairstyles are easy to maintain, which is crucial when playing dress-up with an overactive toddler.

Princess Braid

Brush your toddler’s hair to remove any tangles. Divide the front section of their hair into two equal parts. Take a small lock from each section and braid them beautifully. Then cross the braids over each other, creating an X shape, and secure them with a hair tie. Additionally, you can incorporate beautiful ribbons into their hair, giving the toddler hairstyle a princess-like feel.

Half Bun

For this easy hairstyle, simply divide your toddler’s hair into the upper and lower sections. Bunch up the top portion of their hair into a little bun. Take your pick between keeping it nice and sleek or jazzing it up with a messy bun. Secure it with a hair tie and add a bow or other decorative embellishments to amp it up.

Layered Ponytail

Hairstyles for toddler girls are super fun, more fun than most adult hairstyles because you can take your pick from all the hair embellishments in the world. This hairstyle is quick and easy, and you can whip it up before sending them to their friend’s birthday party. Create as many or as few sections as possible and tie them all up with colorful hair ties. The more colorful they are, the more fun the hairdo looks! Once done, gather the little ponytails into a larger ponytail, ensuring your toddler has a fun yet neat look.

Pull-Through Braid

Pull-through braids need longer hair length, so if your toddler has a short bob, it would be best to go with one of the other hairstyles we have listed. These are not only pretty to look at, but they are also super fun to create. You start with one ponytail at the center of your hairline, using the front section of your hair. Create another right under it.

Then split your first ponytail at the center, keeping it as close to the hair tie as possible, and loop your second ponytail through it. Repeat the process until you run out of hair, and loosen up the ponytails for a fluffy look. Add some hair embellishments of their choice, and your little one is ready to look like a princess all day long.

Mini French Braid

If your little girl’s hair falls at least two inches below her ears, you should be able to attempt at least a mini-French braid on one side. Gather all the hair you can, dividing it into three small sections. Braid it up and then secure it with a hair tie when you see little tufts of hair sticking out.

YouTube tutorials are your best friend when it comes to toddler hairstyles, so feel free to look up a few videos before experimenting with your little girl’s hair. These toddler hairstyles are easy to make, so experiment with different variations and find the ones that work best for your little princess’s hair type and length.

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