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Simple Tips To Reuse Mascara Wand

Are you thinking about discarding your old mascara along with the wand? While you can toss away the tube (unless you plan to reuse it), it would be best to keep the wand. Mascara wands can come in handy in the least expected times. From fixing your eyebrows to your hair, you can easily reuse the wand in various ways. You can also use them around your house and in the kitchen. Here are some handy ways you can reuse your mascara wand.

1. Exfoliating your lips

The wand is easy to use for exfoliating your lips. Also, it won’t feel harsh, as it is softer than a toothbrush. Take Vaseline or any DIY scrub, give it a quick mix, and apply it to your lips with the wand in a circular motion to get rid of dead skin and chapped bits.

Similarly, you can remove the cuticles and clean your nails with the wand. Just apply cuticle remover cream, scrub, or olive oil, leave it for a few minutes, and gently buff the base with your clean wand to remove the unwanted bits.

2. Shaping your eyebrows

Before buying any tool to apply your eyebrow products, try reusing your old mascara wand to groom your eyebrows. Make sure to wash and disinfect it with soap or rubbing alcohol to prevent infection. Once dried, load up your clean wand with brow gel or any brow product to help shape your eyebrows. You can also it to apply brow powder to fill your eyebrows. This is one of the best money-saving hacks to shape the eyebrows.

3. Perfume application

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Carrying perfume bottles in your handbag, regardless of size, is always a hassle. So, make things easier by reusing the wand and the mascara bottle. Clean the mascara bottle, fill it with your perfume, keep it in your purse, and reuse the wand to dab or lightly brush your favorite scent on the neck or wrist. Since mascara bottles are compact, they won’t take up much space in your purse, making it easier to reapply the perfume whenever you want.

4. Use it around the house

You can easily clean those pesky and hard-to-reach spots in your house, like inside or around faucets, between bathroom tiles, and on the windowsill, which always get grubby quickly with a mascara wand. Moreover, you can scrub that tough-to-reach corner of your pot or pan, which is usually hard to clean with a regular scrub. Moreover, with the wands, you can clean those tiny grooves of the microwave, oven, and other kitchen appliances.

5. Tame your flyaways

Whether you are going for a sleek bun, ponytail, or any other hairstyle, flyaways often ruin the look. So, if you are not using hair spray, tame them with a mascara wand. Apply a little Vaseline or hair gel to it and glide it through the flyaways to keep your frizzy hair in place for a polished look.

You can also reuse the old mascara wand to comb through your eyelashes after applying mascara to separate and remove clumps. Furthermore, castor oil application becomes much easier with a handy wand. Just clean the mascara wand first with water and soap before reusing it.

So, don’t throw away your mascara wand. Instead, reuse them, and don’t forget to share which hack you loved the most in the comment section below.

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