7 Tricks I Use to Minimize Clothing Wars With My Kids

My 3-year-old will only wear pink. When I say, “only pink,” I mean only pink. Never shall a stitch of green, blue, white or black touch her skin. She’s got pink on the brain and there’s nothing I can do to sway her. It’s not that I haven’t tried. It’s just that I’ve never won. If you’ve ever tried to negotiate clothing choices with a child, you’ll know why police negotiators coined the phrase, “Never negotiate with terrorists.”

I’m certainly not the first or only parent to enter into the developmental phase known as, “Clothing wars.” This usually begins when kids are about 3-years-old and ends when they are 30.  That’s because 3-year-olds get a taste of independence and they like it. They’ll use anything as an opportunity to practice being stubborn, clothing choices in particular.

I know this because little miss pinky isn’t my only child. Her older brother went through a serious gray tank top phase as well as the,“I only wear swimwear” period. I was sure it would never end.  He wasn’t the only one. His friends all went through some sort of clothing stubbornness at the same time including a kid who would only wear long sleeves and one who only liked blue.

Realizing my kids have to get dressed every day, I made a few simple rules about clothing that my kids must fo