Hysterically Accurate Wine Glasses We All Need in Our Lives Right Now

Sometimes, the perfect way to end the day, is to either celebrate the good or drown out the bad with a glass (or bottle) of wine. And since wine drinkers are nothing if not hilarious (at least we think we are after a couple of glasses), there are a bunch of funny wine glasses out there for every wine lover.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a birthday gift, want to treat yo’ self to a little something special, or just want to put a smile on a friend’s face, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite funny wine glasses you can buy. Because it’s wine-o-clock somewhere!

i can't even wine glass

For those days when, well, you can’t even… From EverydayCalligraphy on Etsy, $12.95

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I drink wine to relax wine glass

This one is perfect for the non-exercise enthusiast, or the mom who has to choose between exercise and downtime (a.k.a. ALL MOMS). Plus, wine makes us more honest, no? From youarethatgirldesigns on Etsy, $13.95

you're my favorite bitch wine glass

This is the perfect birthday gift for your bestie; it also makes a great bridesmaid gift. From WeddingsByLeann on Etsy, $13

bra off funny wine glass

I love this one for the career-driven girl who works hard and relaxes hard. From HenryAndPenny on Etsy, $10

nappy hour wine glass

Here is the perfect wine glass to go with a baby gift for a shower—a little something for baby and a little something for momma. From TheLetteredViolet on Etsy, $8

not going to work tomorrow wine glass

This one makes a great retirement gift. Or a pick-me-up for a unemployed friend. Or a slacker. Or a hard worker who deserves a day off. From ThePaperPlaceAndMore on Etsy, $11.95


problem solved wine glasses

I love this wine glass set for a wedding gift. You have a problem, have a glass of wine together: problem solved! From WufCreekDesigns on Etsy, $29.95

drinking alone wine glass

This one’s for the wine-loving dog lover in your life. (There’s also a cat version if you know one of those…) From FourSeasonLaserGifts on Etsy, $12

funny coffee mug and wine glass

My personal favorite, and sure to be the favorite of all of your momma friends, is the coffee cup/wine glass set. It is also a great cheerleader—and couldn’t we all use more of those? From WineByTheGlass on Etsy, $18

mommy's sippy cup wine glass

Here’s another funny gift idea for a mom, perfect for a shower, birthday, or any day ending in “y.” From TheCraftyEngineerx on Etsy, $13

watch me sip wine glass

For your friend who loves wine and also knows how to Whip & Nae Nae. From BellaAndKateDesigns on Etsy, $9.50

wine bottle glass

For the extreme wine lover who likes to go big or go home, this one is pretty perfect. From BigMouth Inc, $14.25

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