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Funny Yet Spot On New Year’s Resolutions To Ring in 2024

Traditional resolutions such as getting fit, maintaining a healthy diet, and saving money are commendable goals, but they are a little boring if you ask us. They are routine goals, something that you take up almost every year. However, change it up this year, think outside the box, and have a list of New Year’s resolutions that will bring you joy. Try to think of some funny yet spot-on New Year’s resolutions for the upcoming year. Want some help? Here are some amusing resolutions that will start your 2024 on a positive note. 

1. Start a “No Regrets” club

You must have plenty of regrets (some of which you may be thankful for), so share them with your friends by inviting them to join the “No Regrets” club. Let every person in the group take turns sharing their most regrettable moments from the past year.

From embarrassing stories to cringe-worthy moments, this funny New Year’s resolution will bring plenty of laughter and bonding. If the reviews are great, make it a monthly affair when you gather with fellow moms to share your funniest regrets from the previous month!

2. Read that book

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Are you a bookworm who always dreamt of carrying on with the reading habit post-pregnancy? Is there a book sadly collecting dust since you are uber-busy with mommy duties? Almost all of us have picked up a book on a whim despite knowing we will probably never get to it.

So, this year, take out that book from the corner of your cabinet, dust it off, and try to read it through (or at least half) without falling asleep. And if you do manage to achieve it, reward yourself with a sweet treat.

3. Unfollow unwanted shows

There must be plenty of reality shows and entertainment channels you no longer wish to watch, but you are still subscribed to for reasons unknown. It is high time to accept that you probably won’t have as much time in your hand as you used to (what with the kids needing you every few minutes), so you probably need to be more picky with the shows you want to keep up with. So, this New Year, make it a point to unfollow them for peace of mind. You can always keep tabs on them through friends, family, and news.

4. Take a staycation in your city

Have you ever wandered in your town/city as a tourist or been to every tourist spot or eatery in your place? Trust us, most of us haven’t. But you should! Step back and look at your town/city from a tourist’s lens. Treat yourself to a staycation to explore your city and nearby towns. For added fun, you can even book a budget-friendly hotel and discover new attractions nearby.

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Instead of making it a family vacation, call in your girlfriends to make your staycation more enjoyable. How does this make the list of funny New Year’s resolutions, you ask? Pick locations that you are sure will bring up some of the funniest memories for the girl group, and laugh to your heart’s content to make sure 2024 is filled with joy and laughter.

5. Sign up for a comedy class

If people laugh their hearts out at your jokes, it’s time to embrace your sense of humor and sign up for a comedy class in 2024. Whether it’s stand-up comedy or an improvisation workshop, learn the art of comedy for entertainment and therapeutic purposes. Enjoy your fellow students’ skits and learn a new skill set; what’s not to love here?

6. Make a prank list

Who does not love a good laugh? So, make a list of harmless yet hilarious pranks you can play on your friends and family members and put them into action when the time is right. From switching someone’s breakfast cereal to hiding the one pair of socks an individual is looking for, these pranks will make everyone laugh and lighten the mood wherever you are. Just be sure to cause no harm to others, stay within the boundaries, and prank the ones who love it.

So, which one of these funny New Year’s resolutions will you choose to ring in 2024? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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