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10 New Year’s Resolutions Every Kid Should Make

New Year’s Eve is a great time to help kids make some New Year resolutions to guide them in becoming better individuals and focus on forming good habits. However, it might be difficult for children (especially younger ones) to make resolutions by themselves and follow them without the help of their parents. So step into your parent mode and suggest these ten New Year’s resolutions to your little ones for a fruitful 2024.

1. To keep track of items

Kids should take responsibility for their items instead of running to you to find their lost objects. They should store away their toys, books, clothes, etc., at their respective places at the end of the day. So, take your time and teach the kids how to keep away their things in their proper place when no longer required.

2. To show gratitude

Being grateful for all the good things or thanking people for being there for them or helping them out is a good habit that every kid must have. This will make them better individuals as they grow up. Disrespecting others or having an attitude will do no good in the long run.

3. To eat healthy food

Eating healthy food regularly is good for overall well-being. So, ensure your kid follows this New Year’s resolution and eats lots of green, leafy vegetables.

4. Offer to help

There’s no reason your kids should wait to be asked to clear their plates, take out the trash, or assist in the kitchen. Make it a point for kids to help you and others whenever possible. Even the littlest helper counts, especially on the bad days. 

5. No more “five more minutes”

Instead of asking for “five more minutes,” kids should slowly learn to listen when you tell them to. You can give them a heads-up about the time left to play, watch TV, etc. However, once the time is up, teach your kids to pack up and leave without creating a fuss. Of course, this doesn’t apply to sleep because who isn’t tempted to sleep for “five more minutes.”

6. To carry their items

Depending on the age, teach your kids to carry their things like bags, snacks, water bottles, and so on while going out. It will help them become independent from a very young age. Plus, there will be fewer things for you to carry. We only see a win-win situation here!

7. To stop shouting from across the house

Encourage your kid to walk over to the person they want to speak to instead of shouting their name from across the house. Initially, this will seem like a task for them to follow, but they will slowly get used to it. This New Year’s resolution will serve the kids till their adulthood.

8. To do homework independently

Instead of asking you to tell the answer to every single question, encourage your kids to understand their homework and do it independently. They should ask for your help only when they are stuck. This way, the kids can know their weak points and work on them accordingly. 

9. To go to bed on time

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A good night’s sleep is essential for kids’ physical and mental growth. So make it one of your kid’s New Year’s resolutions. Ask them to follow their bedtime routine regularly to wake up fresh instead of cranky or fussy.

10. To help with laundry

Instead of putting the dirty clothes all over the room or tossing them near, under, or around the laundry hamper, teach them to put the clothes in it (like the clothes should land inside the hamper, even if they are playing toss with them).

It would be even better if you could teach them to put the clothes in the washing machine (of course, after separating them color-wise). They don’t have to operate the machine. Putting away their dirty pile in the machine will significantly help with everyday chores.

Sit with your kids, read them the list, and set a few New Year resolutions they think they can follow with your help. Encourage them to follow their 2024 goals and reward them when necessary. This boosts their confidence, making them eager to take up other resolutions come next year.

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