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How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

2024 is here and brings with it new opportunities and promises. We are sure you must have made some resolutions to make positive changes in your life in the upcoming year. However, it’s well-known that most New Year’s resolutions end up in the dust within the first few months due to a lack of motivation.

There are a few ways to ensure your resolution sticks, and you don’t give up halfway. Want to know how to fulfill your New Year’s resolutions? Read along to find out.

1. Set realistic goals

Before thinking about your New Year’s resolutions and working on them, be aware of your limitations. Once you have chalked out what you can do and what might be too much with your mommy duties, set realistic goals aligning with your values and aspirations.

Refrain from setting targets too big to come true before you even start. Instead, break down your resolution into smaller, manageable steps to make it more achievable. Once you start seeing the result, then take the significant steps. However, always start small and end big, expanding the resolution as you conquer one step after the other. 

2. Create a plan

Your New Year’s resolution will be hard to complete if you don’t have proper planning in place. Be it hitting the gym, starting a new diet, daily journalling, reading books, joining a new course, or learning a new skill, every resolution needs meticulous planning to stay on track and achieve your goal. 

So, research well, get your facts straight, talk to people (if needed), and then create a plan of action with all the details of how you will do it, when you will start, resources or support needed, etc. Once things are planned to the minute, it will be difficult to deter from your path. For further motivation, you should also stick your goals for 2024 on the vision board or cupboard.

3. Find support

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Every individual needs support, especially if they are trying to make a difference in their life. Thus, seek help from your family, friends, or spouse to increase the likelihood of success of your New Year’s resolutions. 

As fellow moms, we would also suggest getting your kids involved. Need to avoid sugary snacks? Tell your little ones beforehand, and they will keep you in check. Nobody is as brutally honest as the children.

Share your resolutions and action plan with those who care about you and ask them to hold you accountable. It would be best to surround yourself with like-minded individuals with similar goals or resolutions for motivation and encouragement.

4. Give yourself time 

Resolutions need time and constant effort to become a habit and yield results. So, don’t rush to achieve or complete your resolutions. Take your time, and do it well. You will not get a medal if you achieve it within a few months. Instead, you will get a lifetime healthy habit if you practice it throughout the year.

There are chances that your New Year’s resolution may not be a success for the first time. However, don’t let setbacks discourage you. Failure is an integral part of the learning process. Learn from your mistakes, work on your weak points, improve, and start working on your resolutions again.

5. Celebrate achievements

No matter how big or small, always celebrate your achievements. You will stay motivated and on track by recognizing and appreciating your progress. Treat yourself to rewards, such as a movie night with friends, shopping, or a day trip to a nearby destination.

So, follow these tips, work on your New Year’s resolution with commitment and focus, and you will surely make it to the end. Drop some of your New Year’s resolutions (that you feel comfortable sharing) in the comment section below!

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