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New Year’s Resolutions for Busy Moms

Are you a busy mom juggling work while caring for the little ones, leaving no time for yourself? It’s time to change that and make time for your hobbies. We have some practical and easy New Year’s resolutions for moms who are just too busy. These can help you kick-start 2024 on a positive note and are easy enough to incorporate into your everyday routine.

1. Give yourself 30 minutes every day

Whether you set your alarm clock to get up half an hour earlier than the rest of the family or spend 30 minutes each night soaking in the bathtub as the kids take care of themselves, make it a priority to set aside some ‘me’ time for yourself every day. If you don’t take care of yourself, all the pressure can soon affect your mental well-being, making it challenging to take care of others. Sometimes, being selfish is good, especially if it benefits your family in the long run.

2. Cut back on your screen time

You might have started reading a recipe on your mobile or laptop, but before you know it, you have spent hours on the screen doom scrolling. Just focus on what you need, read through the information, and put the phone/laptop away. Don’t jump onto YouTube once you are done reading. You are simply wasting your time, which can be utilized to do other things like playing with your kids, enjoying a few minutes of silence, taking a power nap, spending time with your partner, etc. 

3. Delegate some tasks to others

Moms, you don’t have to do it all! There is no need for you to be a superwoman. As fellow moms, we can guarantee everyone has some flaws, so allow yourself to hand over some of those tasks. It’s always wise to distribute tasks amongst others and ask for a helping hand when needed. It will save so much of your time and make the day less stressful.

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For instance, instead of sorting the laundry yourself, ask your kids to separate the whites from the colored clothes. It might take some time, but kids will be busy playing a color assortment game, giving you extra time to deal with another important task. You can even ask your partner to chop the veggies for the meal while you fold the clothes, ask them to clean up while you cook, etc. Overall, you should learn to divide and conquer with your family (and friends if the day is extra busy).

4. Have a monthly date night

This is an important New Year’s resolution for all the moms, not just the busy ones. To have a thriving relationship with your partner, you must take time away from your parental duties to enjoy your love. Whether you head out for dinner, watch a movie together after the kids have gone to bed, or walk around the park, do something each month together. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or costly. A little bonding session where you set aside your identity as a mom/dad is sometimes all you need.

5. Eat dinner together as a family

Make it a rule that the entire family must be at the table during dinner time, no matter how busy you are. Sitting around the dining table and sharing a meal brings the family closer. Even if you are a busy mom, make it your New Year’s resolution to eat together more often. Doing so provides an opportunity for conversation and bonding, contributing to happy and healthy families.

Following every New Year’s resolution might be daunting, especially if you are a super busy mom. Pick 1-2 resolutions from this list and slowly incorporate them into your daily routine. Once they become a habit, add new resolutions to your to-do list. So, which New Year’s resolution will you start first? Share them with us in the comment section below.

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