I Need the Force

Easter is over and I’m gearing up for Joseph’s birthday.

This is the first year his invite list has extended beyond a few close friends and family members and I’ve been struggling with how much I want to do. Typically, the same four to six kids show up and I’m able to do special favors – kites in buckets, explorer bags, Lego boxes – but this year, with the theme of Star Wars looming in front of me and potentially fifteen kids, I came to that uncomfortable spot where what I want to do isn’t jiving with what is physically and financially possible.

What I want to do is full on Jedi training camp.

What I’m going to do is semi-Jedi training camp.

I’ve been sewing Jedi robes – seriously simple ones with crooked hems, but who looks at the hems – and plan on buying Dollar Store light sabers. Other than cupcakes and ice cream, that’s it. No balloons. No decorations. Simple.

Except those damn robes.

With their crooked hems.

I have a few friends who hear “Jedi Robes” and offer to take me to see the nice men in white coats, but honestly, I think it would have been more work to do themed food, balloons, plates, and decorations. His friends’ parties have included pony rides, zip lines, go carts, bounce houses, and enough food to feed teenage boys.  With examples like that, the robes don’t seem like a leap.

How far is too far with your child’s birthday?