Kids’ Birthday Party Hacks: Easy Ways to Take Your Party to the Next Level

In my Los Angeles neighborhood, throwing children’s birthday parties has become something of a competitive sport. I’ve seen puppy petting zoos, ponies coiffed as unicorns and even a “real” mermaid doing laps in a swimming pool. These extravagant themes might impress the other parents, but honestly, some of the kids just look overwhelmed and a little nervous!

To me, the perfect kid’s birthday party takes place at home or in the park, with a few simple but special activities or crafts to get the fun started and create a lasting memory. One of my favorite ice breakers? Face designs! Nothing gets kids into the party mood faster than allowing a child transform themselves into a tiger, butterfly or fairy.

But PlayMonster knows that hiring a professional artist can be costly, messy and time-consuming. This is where Face Paintoos comes into play! Check out the #FacePaintRevolution it makes, creating fun face designs easy and long-lasting with no professional artist required. All you have to do is apply the template for a smudge and transfer-proof face design! There are so many fun designs to choose from, and with the Pet, Wild, and Magical packs, there is an option for every party! Bonus: The removal process is just as easy. Simply use one of the remover wipes that are included in the package to wipe off the Face Paintoos.

Once you’ve got the kids in their favorite Face Paintoos character, there are endless ways to keep their imaginations running wild and the party fun going.


Help the kids complete their looks by adding ears, tails or crowns. Spread a table with cheap plastic headbands, felt, foam stickers, string, glitter and glue and see what they can come up with.

Add some old tube socks to the craft table and the kids can create sock puppets to match their own outfits. It could even spark an impromptu puppet show!


Put together a playlist of animal songs like “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” “Stray Cat Strut” and “Crocodile Rock” for a lively game of Freeze Dance.

Create your own Pin the Tail on the Donkey style game using an animal that fits with your face design theme. Safely spin your guests around one at a time and point them in the direction of a simple poster. Pin the horn on the unicorn anyone?


Now that you’re in costume, feast on some painted sugar cookies! Or plan your cake around your theme, by adding cheetah spots or tiger stripes.

Party Favors

Set up a photo booth using DIY poster board selfie frames and animal props. Shoot with an Instax camera and the photos become an instant party favor for your child’s special day! You can also send kids home with a box of classic Animal Crackers and a note that says, “Thanks for a wild good time!” Don’t forget to include one of the wipes that comes with the Face Paintoos packs for easy removal before bedtime.

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