12 Boredom-Busting Board Games for Kids

The three most dreaded words in the English language are “Mom, I’m bored.” I mean, are you kidding me? Try doing your taxes, kids. Now that’s boring. Luckily, board games for kids are a surefire boredom buster, and they’re secretly educational, teaching strategy, game theory, math and reading skills without kids even realizing they’re getting […]

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TV for Preschoolers: 11 TV Shows I Never Feel Guilty About

Today’s moms get an earful about the perils of screen time. How come nobody ever mentions the crazy ass Saturday morning cartoons we watched as kids? Tom and Jerry plotting murder. The Scooby Doo gang hunting ghosts and zombies. Wile E. Coyote blowing himself up with a grenade. Compared with those nightmare-inducers, almost anything we […]


Tips for Taking Kids Skiing for the First Time

My husband and I love to ski, so we wanted to share our favorite winter sport with the kiddos. But hitting the slopes with little ones is daunting! For one thing, we live in the Los Angeles area so we own zero winter clothes. For another, our kids are pretty young. We were confident the […]