5 Pet Beds That Won’t Clash With Your Home Decor

Our pets bring us joy, fun, comfort and love, but much like our kids, they’re not known for improving our home decor. Our furry friends have been known to shed on the couch (who let the dog on the couch?) and occasionally scratch an armchair or two. Plus, their gear is sometimes an eyesore. Sure, Fluffy needs a cozy place to nap, but does it have to clash with everything else in the room?

Not necessarily. There are a variety of pet beds available in a full range of classic patterns and colors that you won’t find offensive.

We found five chic pet beds to complement your home. Not only will these pet beds appeal to your design sense, but they may even add a fun pop of color and style to your home decor.

1.Retro Shag Pet Bed

This luxury shag cat & dog bed is giving groovy retro vibes, plus it’s deliciously soft. It adds comfort and warmth with a fun throwback to the swinging ’60s.

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2. Mod Geometric Dog Bed

Perfect for your mid-century modern–or just straight up modern–home, this diamond patterned dog bed features earth-inspired tones that will add a welcome pop of color.

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3. Taupe Velvety Cat Bed

Woven for comfort and style in a soft, soothing taupe velvet, here’s an elegant cat bed that will look beautiful almost anywhere, from a neutral to colorful room. Plus, the sides are adjustable to make your kitty extra cozy.

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4. Whimsical Unicorn Pet Bed

How cute is this gold-horned sleepy unicorn pet bed? The covered roof adds a feeling of security for your pet, while the whimsical design details are clever and fun. Plus, your kids will love it!

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5. Boho Moroccan Pet Bed

With color options in teal, marsala and navy, there’s a good chance this Moroccan print will complement your decor while adding bohemian flair. It comes in medium and large, accommodating any sized pup from King Charles to Collie.

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