WTB-Patio Edition



I love to have an indoor-outdoor lifestyle when the weather is warm and the below items are on the top of my wish list to make that possible this year.  

  1. Part of creating a workable patio is making sure you have room to put things without them getting in the way.  This cart from ÄPPLARÖ is perfect either as a place to set drinks or a spot to serve from, plus the wheels make it so easy to move around.
  2. Seating is a big concern for me on the patio.  I want to make sure the furniture is comfortable yet durable and of course looks nice since it is the front of our house.  I love the way the ARHOLMA line looks, and this loveseat is a great size that does not overpower the space.
  3. Even with longer days the sun will still set and when it does the look of table lights like the SLOVINDEN lights create a warm glow that will have you and your guests relaxing into the wee hours.
  4. Storage is key, and with the AMMERÖ storage bench, not only do I get storage I need, but I also get extra seating.
  5. Plants really contribute to a patio looking finished and good pots are essential to plant health as well as the overall feel of the space. The TROSSÖ pot is a good size without being bulky.
  6. We used PLATTA decking on our patio to create a separate seating area from the front walk. It helped delineate the space, and added the perfect finishing touch. 
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