WTB-Kitchen Edition


I used to think that cooking was all about experience and skill but now that I have been cooking for my family of five for quite a few years I am beginning to rethink my original feeling.

Don’t get me wrong, you need to know how to cook in order to cook, but for ever day life I think kitchen organization is just as important, if not more, to getting a delicious meal on the table.

Below are the top six items I would make sure to have in the organized kitchen of my dreams:

1. NUTID Stove

A good stove that cooks at a consistent temperature is a must. This NUTID induction cook top has all the bells and whistles for convenience as well as a sleek and modern look.

2. IKEA 365+ Cooking Pots and Pans

There is no point in having a good oven if your pots and pans are not conducive for cooking. I personally have a tendency to leave my pots on the stove so it helps when they are not only cook worthy but look worthy as well.

3. I wouldn’t make it two days without mixing bowls. Glass is my preferred material because I can see through the sides to what I am mixing. The Blanda Blank Bowls are a great choice.

4. I don’t know about you but my kitchen drawers have been known to be a tad chaotic. I fixed that issue with RATIONELL drawer organizers, now I always know right where everything is.

5. My husband will attest to how important lighting is, especially in a kitchen. IKEA 365+ lights are great because you can aim them at different points in the kitchen.

6. Even with a family of five there are usually leftovers, and being environmentally minded, I hate to use plastic bags. The PRUTA line of food storage containers keeps our food fresh and does its part for the environment.