11 Vegan Leather Pieces That’ll Up Your Style Game Instantly

When I was younger, my style tended toward the overly pretty—vintage dresses with big skirts, bows, ruffles, basically anything Zooey Deschanel would find adorable. Since becoming a mom, though, I’m finding I need pieces with a bit of an edge to balance out the pretty (I think it has to do with getting a bit older and not wanting to be twee). And my go-to recently has been leather, or rather, because I have kids, vegan leather. 

Vegan leather is the best thing, you guys! But before we get caught up in fancy-pants terminology, let’s just all get on the same page here: Vegan leather is just faux leather, pleather, or any synthetic leather that doesn’t come from animal sources. And it’s been around forever. Chalk it up to some smart folks in fashion marketing throwing the word “vegan” in there and making it sound fancy.

Whatever you want to call it, it’s a million times easier to clean than actual leather (soap and water, anyone?), it’s relatively inexpensive, and it ups your cool game considerably. Plus, it’s surprisingly easy and versatile to wear—it looks good dressed up for work or down for the playground. Erratically flung applesauce wipes off in a flash. And it totally makes you look skinny! It smooths out the bumps in a way cotton just can’t. Have I sold you on faux leather fashion yet? Because, ladies, this is one train you need to get on.

Here are eleven pieces to convince you faux leather is a must have this winter. (Man, am I bossy today or what?)

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