How to Layer for Cold Weather Without Looking Pregnant

Errands don’t stop because the weather gets chilly! Layers are key to keeping warm during the winter. I’m not currently pregnant, and I don’t feel like having the whole world think that I am. But that’s the problem with winter clothing: Sweaters, jackets, coats, and fur all make you look totally puffy. I have three tricks up my sleeve that always make me look a bit more polished than slapping on a scarf and jacket. Best of all, they keep pregnancy rumors at bay.

1. Belt everything

Belting layers is one of my favorite ways to create a waist and add some structure to your layers. Even if you are still a few layers deep, you can create a waistline and make yourself look a bit more polished. Below, I took my layered coat and scarf and nipped them at the waist with a brown leather belt.

2. Tuck it in

By tucking in your layers, you can create the illusion of a slimmer torso. Instead of leaving my plaid button up untucked, I tucked it into my jeans and topped it with a belt. Doing this draws the eye to the waist. This makes my look more intentional. Even when I threw a coat over the top, you can still see a structured outfit underneath.

Tip: when shopping for thicker coats, opt for one that has an option to draw in the waist. This one below has toggles to cinch in and creates a clear waist even when zipped.

How to layer without looking pregnant

3. Find the most flattering length jacket for you

When layering jackets, opt for styles that hit at the smallest part of your body. My waist is my smallest part, and when picking jackets, I always opt for a style that hits right at the waist or well below my hips.

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