11 Chic Sweater Hacks That’ll Give Your Old Clothes New Life

Last week I turned over my closet and put all my summer sundresses away and switched them out for my cozy fall sweaters and coats. I realized that I had a stack of sweaters that are just about ready to go into retirement.  There are sweaters that have been lurking in the back of my closet since cropped sweaters were cool (back when Buffy wore them). Even though I’m not ready to part with these knitted gems, I’m kinda over the same ol’ boring sweater look.

Well, guess what? There are actually a bunch of cool ways you can repurpose an old sweater and stay warm in the process. Whether boot cuffs are your thing, or maybe a nice cozy upcycled scarf, I’ve got a great list awesome sweater hacks that will get you through fall and beyond.

Check out this slideshow and give an old sweater a new lease on life.

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