Most Creative Dad Ever! Awesome Lunch Bag Art

I was never a lunch box kid. I always went to school with a paper lunch sack. Maybe I envied all those kids with cool Ninja Turtles lunch boxes, but I got by. Recently, I came across an awesome dad that draws on his sons’ sandwich bags every morning. David Laferriere is a designer and illustrator based in Massachusetts, and he has been drawing on his kids’ sandwich bags since 2008. Who needs a fancy lunch box when you’ve got an original piece of lunch bag art on your sandwich bag every day? 



As a designer, David uses the sandwich bags as a way to creatively jump start his day. He never spends more than five minutes on a bag, and just doodles whatever is on his mind that day. I love how he uses the contents of the bag to help him create each day’s drawing. Sometimes the shape of the bread will inspire him to turn the sandwich into a face, while other times he will just draw a funny monster or animal. My favorites are the ones that are really clever, like shoelaces tying together two halves of a sandwich, or the ones that have animals crawling through the sandwich. 





It struck me as a really cool way to communicate with your kids and add a little creativity into their daily lives. I’ve got some time before my little buddy is old enough to take a lunch to school, so until then I will just have to file this idea away and get my drawing skills up to speed. ampersand



Do you have creative ways that you pack your kids’ lunches?

All images via David Laferriere’s Flickr page.

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