DIY: Toilet Tissue Angel

A toilet tissue angel craft can be the perfect homemade touch for your bathroom counter! And, what better way to make a tissue angel than with durable and soft Angel Soft bathroom tissue? If you’re worried about bathroom cooties, you can even start with a fresh roll, and gently remove the tube from the center for your project! Learn how to make this fun DIY craft with your kids below:



  • 1 roll Angel Soft toilet paper
  • 2 ½ inch Styrofoam ball
  • 1 pair ½ inch wiggly eyes
  • red permanent fine tip marker
  • silver pipe cleaner
  • glue or hot glue gun with glue sticks
  • Spanish moss
  • 4 inch piece of iridescent ¼ inch ribbon


Step 1: Remove the cardboard roll from the center of the toilet paper, or use a cardboard roll you’ve emptied. To remove the cardboard center from a full roll, just slide your fingers between the toilet paper and the roll all the way around and gently pull out the cardboard tube.

Step 2: Glue the Styrofoam ball to the top of the cardboard tube.

DIY Toilet Paper Angel - Step 2

Step 3: Add the pair of wiggly eyes to the front of the Styrofoam ball a little above and to each side of the front center, where you want to make the angel’s face.

DIY Toilet Paper Angel - Step 3

Step 4: Use a red permanent fine tip marker to make the angel’s mouth a little below front center.

Step 5: To make the angel’s dress, start in the back, gather toilet tissue as you go and glue the top edge of the gathered toilet paper all the way around the tube about 1 inch below the ball.

DIY Toilet Paper Angel - Step 5ADIY Toilet Paper Angel - Step 5B

Step 6: Glue a second row of gathered toilet paper at the top edge of the tube all the way around, just below the Styrofoam ball to completely cover the tube.

DIY Toilet Paper Angel - Step 6

Step 7: To make the angel’s arms, carefully tear two squares of toilet paper off of the roll. Roll each square so it is a ½ inch strip.

DIY Toilet Paper Angel - Step 7

Step 8: Glue one end of the rolled square to the angel’s shoulder, just below the Styrofoam ball on each side. Angle the arms out toward the front center and down. Glue the other strip to the other shoulder, angling both arms so they meet in the middle. Glue the arms together at the end where they meet, so it looks like your angel’s hands are clasped together.

DIY Toilet Paper Angel - Step 8

Step 9: Tear off two toilet tissue strips with two squares each. Gather one side of the strips together and glue the gathered side to the center of the back of the toilet tube for the angel’s wing. Fan out the other end to make the wing. Repeat the process on the other side to make the other wing.

DIY Toilet Paper Angel - Step 9ADIY Toilet Paper Angel - Step 9B

Step 10: Glue a small handful of Spanish moss to the top of the angel’s head for hair. Fill in on the back of her head, and down the sides of her face where needed with the Spanish moss to make hair.

DIY Toilet Paper Angel - Step 10

Step 11: Glue a piece of white or iridescent ¼ inch ribbon around the angel’s neck to hide the gathers at the top of her dress.

DIY Toilet Paper Angel - Step 11

Step 12: Make a circle about 2 inches in diameter at the end of a silver pipe cleaner. Twist one end back around the pipe cleaner to form the circle. Cut off the other end so the stem is around 2 inches long. Push the end into the Styrofoam ball on top of the angel’s head, then bend the circle down to form the angel’s halo.

DIY Toilet Paper Angel - Step 12

Step 13: Enjoy your angel!

Toilet Paper Angel Craft

*This post was sponsored by Angel Soft.