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13 Magical Fairy Garden Ideas for Kids

The weather is finally warming up, and I’m anxious to keep the kids outside for as long as possible. I was looking for a kid-friendly gardening project for this spring when I discovered fairy gardens. These customizable container gardens offer kids a mini planting playspace of their own with endless opportunities for creative play.

Look, there’s a small window of time when kids willingly believe in the magical world of the unseen. My girls are still in that window, but I know my older ones will lose interest soon. This coming spring seems like the perfect time to let each of my daughters design and create their own fun fairy garden. Their personalities are so different, I can’t wait to see what different elements they choose to add to their creation.

Even the least crafty of us can put together a magical fairy garden that will entertain the kids for hours. Let one of these fun fairy garden ideas for kids inspire you.


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13 Magical Fairy Garden Ideas for Kids

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