Creative Tips For Conquering The Pressure To Save Every Kids Art Project

When the kiddos come home from school with handmade projects, it can be tough to toss them into the trash…even if it’s just a few scribbles on colored paper. After-all, they made it with their own little hands and who knows how much longer they’ll be gifting you their art!

Eventually, you end up with a drawer filled with projects and there just isn’t enough room to keep everything, which is why we turned to Amber Kemp-Gerstel, DIY expert at Juicy Juice and host of Disney Family Sundays on Disney+ to get her tips on some creative ways to preserve those creative memories, while conquering the pressure to save every single thing.

Ask for your child’s input

“You’ll be surprised how many projects they’re happy to discard. They don’t always have a strong emotional attachment to those projects and they can easily let you know which ones they can say

goodbye to. Additionally, you’ll learn a lot through this process about which projects do have a special place in your child’s heart, and those creations will,in turn, become even more special to you!”

Make a memory book

“Once you’ve decided which projects are special and worth keeping, use a large 3-ring binder to save them. In our home, we like to use a binder for each school year. Inside the binder, I insert a bunch of page protector pockets, then slide each project into the pocket. When you’re done, you have a fun way to flip through all those projects.”

Outsource it

Life gets busy and it’s okay to enlist a little help sometimes. There are several apps and websites that offer services to memorialize your child’s artwork into a professional book. Services like Artkive or Plum Print are awesome resources for saving those special handmade creations.”

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