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How To Reuse Your Kid’s Old Books

We are sure your child must have tons of storybooks they loved reading at some point. Some books they still love to this day, while others they don’t enjoy as much anymore. Even those coloring and activity books they loved as little ones might be taking up valuable space in their cupboards now. This is why you should try to reuse your child’s old books.

So, if you plan to declutter but hate throwing away your kids’ old books, we have a solution for you. Try reusing your kid’s old books with these ideas. You will be surprised to see many useful things one can make from books. These ideas are budget-friendly and can save all those books that your child loved at some point in time.

1. Pinwheels

Lollipop sticks, wooden sticks, or wire are the only things required to make pinwheels from your little one’s old book’s pages. The best part is you can make as many as you want and in all different sizes. You can even give them as return gifts, use them as decoration at your kid’s party, or simply let your kids have fun with them.

2. Greeting cards

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Want to send out invites for your kid’s party, housewarming, or any other celebration? Then, tear out pages from the old book, paint them, fold them in half, and write/paste the invite on them. You can make greeting cards and envelopes for every occasion by reusing your kid’s old book.

3. Frame them

Is there any particular book cover your kid loves, quotes on a page, or any witty dialogue that makes your child laugh every time they read it? If yes, then why not frame it? You can frame the pages and book covers to decorate your kid’s room or any kids’ corner of your house. You can even draw on them to make a unique wall decor.

4. Guest book

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Reuse your kid’s old storybook by turning them into guest books for an event. Pick some big books with glossy pages, paint them, and they will be ready to use for your guests to write down their experience at your party. It will make for the perfect keepsake. You can even turn the old books into memory books of your child to write about your child’s milestones with pictures to revisit them later when they grow up.


Use those old pages to make pretty bookmarks for your friends and family. Fold them in rectangular shapes, laminate the page, and add some ribbons for a unique bookmark. It will make for the perfect gift for all your bookworm friends.

6. Make monograms

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Want to make a monogram for your kid’s room, then reuse your kid’s old books to create one? Cut the cardboard into the shape of a letter and cover it with pages. Then, take the remaining pages, start rolling them in cylindrical shapes, and glue them on the cardboard letter, either horizontally or vertically. This will make a stunning boho monogram, perfect for a nerd or a book lover.

7. Make paper crafts

You can reuse your kids’ old books and make paper crafts with them, such as wreaths, gift pouches, guardian angels, flower bouquets, paper lilies, butterflies, lampshade decorations, etc. The options are endless! If you want to make something with the whole book, you can turn the old books into a jewelry box, remote holder box, etc., by making grooves in various shapes inside the book.

8. Coasters

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You can also reuse your kid’s old books and turn them into coasters with the help of ceramic tile, book pages, varnish, and decoupage glue. You can even decoupage a table to make a creative furniture piece in your home. They will be perfect for holiday decoration or party decoration.

So, mommies, before you give away your kids’ books, try to reuse them with these ideas. Also, tell us about your favorite project in the comment section below. And if you can’t reuse the books, never throw them away. Donate them or resell them online (provided they are in good condition and one can reuse them) for others to use. You can also give them away for recycling.

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