Messy Toddler? You’ll Love This Allover Waterproof Bib

I now laugh looking back at all those tiny little bibs I received as gifts when I first became a mom. What do those even do? They literally don’t prevent any mess. Most babies and toddlers are covered head to toe – and get the floor along the way – every time they sit down to eat. I used to feed my son in a diaper, but he hates being wiped down after and it always felt like a screaming war at the end of a meal. That’s where Grabease Allover Waterproof Bib comes in.

First off, these bibs make for amazing pictures… I got so many messages on Instagram when I first posted a photo of my son in one. But they also, most importantly, actually work! They function as “catch-alls.” Well almost all – the floor will still have food – especially in that phase where kids enjoy throwing their food (we all know it too well…). You might consider getting a floor mat as well, this one I’ve heard is easy to wipe down and stays in place.

The bib comes in a few color options, is quick and easy to put on and can be washed in the machine. I don’t think you’re meant to put it in the dryer, but I have a bunch of times and never had an issue. You could also wipe it down with a wet wipe, but I do laundry so often it’s quicker for me to just toss it in. Since it’s waterproof, it’s also great for learning how to drink from an open cup and straw cup, which is something that should begin at around six months.

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