Bibs That Actually Work To Cut Down On Clean-Up

When I was starting solids with my son so many people told me to just feed him in his diaper… bad advice in my opinion! He hated being cleaned, so post meal was a total nightmare. Plus, I didn’t want him to start a habit of eating in “underwear.” Small little silicone bibs seems to be the most popular option which I completely don’t understand as they barely cover anything. When babies eat they get dirty from head to toe, so while I love the look of bibs like Catch & Cover from Miniware, I find they’re really only relevant for older toddlers who aren’t making a total mess when they eat. This one in particular has an innovative twist whereby it transforms from a small size to a larger apron using a color-coded snap system, so I find it better than more traditional silicone ones like this.


For babies, however, I have found the only way to cut down on cleanup is to use full coverage bibs. Yes that means there’s one more thing to clean, but it’s a heck of a lot easier to wash a bib than it is to wipe down a baby covered in food. This is especially true because I’ve thrown all of the bibs below in both the washer and dryer and they’ve come out like new.

Bibado Long-sleeve Coverall Weaning Bib, $25.95

I love this brand because it’s so easy to slip on their bibs. It takes a few seconds and there’s no fussing around with the sleeves (why do some bibs have these awkward tight elastics!?). I don’t use the feature because my son is still mostly using his fingers to eat, but they have velcro to attach utensils to prevent them from falling on the floor.

Bibbrella Full-Coverage Baby Bibs, $21.99

Bibbrella is another amazing brand. Their bibs are so easy to get on and they stay secure. Plus I love their prints and they’re like new when you wash them.

Lil Helper Smocket, $23

My final top three absolute favorite is Lil Helper. This one uses snaps instead of a velcro flap to close, which I like because I don’t have to worry about getting my son’s hair stuck on velcro (it has never happened but I always feel like I’m coming close!). Plus they have cute designs. It slips on and of easily, has a pocket to catch food that has fallen and washes well.

Tiny Twinkle Mess-proof Full Sleeve Bibs, $16

These aren’t as easy to get on as the other two options mentioned above, but they fit more snuggly so baby is less likely to get food slipping under the bib.

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