Indoor Toddler Activities

5 Indoor Activities For Toddlers (When Its Too Cold To Go Outside)

A change of venue can provide your child with an opportunity to discover new things, blow off energy and make new friends. Getting out of the house will also give you a bit of a break from having tea parties, doing crafts and saying “no” when your child asks if he can play outside.


The next time the weather is too cold to head outside to play, consider heading out on an adventure to one of these five places:

1. The library.

Many local libraries offer a variety of children’s programs that range from story times to preschool movie showings. During the colder winter months, many libraries offer special performances and host special activities for toddlers.  Some libraries even have small play areas for young children to enjoy.

2. An indoor play space.

 If you are not germ phobic, heading to the play space at the local mall is a fun and free adventure. Many cities and towns also are home to indoor children’s play areas where you can pay a small fee to enter and play for as long as you would like.

3. The gym.

Local gymnastics academies and children’s gyms often host open gym times where non-members or those not currently enrolled in a program at the facility can drop in and pay to play. This is a great option for kids who need to run around and burn some energy.

4. An indoor pool.

Your local gym, YMCA or Boys and Girls Club likely hosts a regularly scheduled open swim time for families. Many facilities will open their family swim time to non-members who pay a drop in fee to participate. Many resorts are adding indoor water parks to their list of amenities and will sell day passes to non-guests. Some hotels even sell passes to local residents who wish to use their indoor pool during their off season. 

5. The museum.

Science museums, children’s museums, discovery museums, art museums and the list goes on. Toddlers love exploring new places and any museum that offers children’s programs or exhibits will be a real hit with your toddler.

Finding fun things to do during the winter months may seem a bit harder than finding them in the summer months, but once you become familiar with what is available in your community, it becomes a little easier. Consider keeping a folder that has information for potential winter adventure destinations and adding to it whenever you hear of a new possibility. The next time you are looking for something to do, pull out a brochure, business card or computer printout and start your adventure.

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