Amy Schumer Is Keeping It Real With Her Mesh Undies

The female comedian extraordinaire, Amy Schumer, known for keeping all things real and relatable, especially when it comes to being a woman — is making us laugh yet again with her take on postpartum care. Just five weeks after giving birth to her son, Gene, Schumer is sharing her wisdom and pics on Instagram of […]


Michelle Obama – Five Ways She And I Parent Alike

Michelle Obama is a super mom. This isn’t debatable, it’s an irrefutable fact. Motherhood is only one role that she fills, but arguably it is the most important. Having followed her family and parenting styles for years, I’m not only impressed, it’s a parenting style that I can very much relate to. Here are five […]


5 Celebrity Moms Who Are Super Relatable

I’m a mom of three kids all under the age of nine, which means that I basically never sleep, I look like hell most of the time, and I am tired. Oh, so tired. One of my guilty pleasures to get through a day is to watch my fav celebrity moms showing the world just […]